Arcade Longplay [209] Contra -

Arcade Longplay [209] Contra

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Played by: Tsunao

The game that started it all.

Basic plot of Contra games:
Men (sometimes buff and shirtless) or women (Hard Corps and Uprising comes to mind) fight aliens. Frontflips are involved.
“They sure blew up good.”
-Contra 4

Surprisingly, this game only has one shirtless character (Player 2)

No skills. Did had a replay with me using Laser on the last stage, but it desynced. -_- Spread Gun, as usual, wrecks the game and difficulty (still doesn’t stop the game from being hard.) On the subject of difficulty: played on Normal. (should’ve put it on Hardest because real players play Contra on Hard. No exceptions.) –
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  1. Seeing the original arcade version makes me realize how good of a job they did porting this over to the NES. Despite the obvious graphical differences, the look/feel is spot on.

  2. It existed deadly bug in arcade version, player never die.

  3. it had wider color pallette to choose, yet looks so fucking bland

  4. I remember first playing this as a kid at a pizza joint. They also rented out movies on VHS, we rented Robocop and Predator. Then we walked home with full bellies, Pepsi, Doritos and these two new rentals. And what was waiting for us when we got home? A brand new Commodore 64. Best week-end ever.

  5. Jejeje dispara al ritmo de la música lo noté en los niveles dónde vas en los cubículos

  6. So, I noticed this on the second stage, the enemies tend to shoot to the right corner of the screen. And, I was seeing it here as well. I thought I found a bad rom.

  7. I never knew that there was arcade version of Contra

  8. This was the expendables before anything made by Hollywood.

  9. damn, I still don't know how to beat the base 2 boss with default weapon (very hard difficulty)

  10. 8:57 Why you can't jump through the skull even though they are low enough?The NES version clearly make it more logic by higher them

  11. nes version surely was much better, man the giant soldier is a wimp in this version, it was an awesome boss in NES … it looks much easier here aswell

  12. This is one time where the arcade version couldn't compare to the nes version.

  13. TOO USED to NES version of contra so rather not friendly with this version. lol

  14. I forgot I had seen this in the arcade, but the antenna thing at the very beginning of level one made me remember not seeing it in the NES version and being disappointed at that one minor detail lol

  15. So… the Nazis were controlled by aliens? Anyone know the actual story behind what’s going on in Contra?

  16. Imagine making a Contra Game where you Shoot SJWs

  17. Now I fully understand why the original game had strange pacing with the different perspective levels. In this case they were technically half the levels, but dividing up the last level like this shoves those other levels in a weird place.

  18. Sorry, but that arcade intro sounds like a legendary super "fart". xD

  19. When you trying to copy exam paper, and wrote wrong answer like your friend then such type of thing will happen..

  20. Completing with only spreadgun is boring

  21. Until today, I was ignorant that it was originally a arcade cabinet game.

  22. Such nice music tracks…RUINED BY THE SONG DESIGN

    God, damn this is LOUD!

  23. There Never was a Contra game in ANY of the arcades around here. NEVER, not ONE contra machine. I didn't know there were any Contra arcade games until the internet became public and mainstream. I agree, the Arcade version does suck compared to the Nintendo Version. 😀 I just assume no arcades had this machine because even the managers felt it sucked 😀

  24. What one year doesn`t do, this version is lame compared to NES version

  25. Looks Version SNES and Sega Genesis for Contra

  26. One of the few instances where the console port was better than the arcade version. Sure, the graphics are more detailed here but the controls feel sluggish and floaty, while the NES version is more fast-paced with tighter controls. Also odd choice in using a screen that's taller than it is wide for a side-scrolling game

  27. Both amazing versions personally, sometimes like to play nes version. Sometimes like arcade.

  28. I'm the greatest contra video game master of all time

  29. I’m going with the kids to come and pick up the boys for a while and I’m going to really go go 🥷🏻 but I’m not sure what the plan yes

  30. I'm kinda shocked, that even the limited pallette version from the NES, looks better than, this..

  31. The arcade game is MUCH more difficult than the NES game.

  32. Con otra arma la puedes pasar ..o terminar el juego

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