Arcade Longplay [183] Street Hoop -

Arcade Longplay [183] Street Hoop

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Played by: ScHlAuChi Disclaimer: Most videos recorded by World of Longplays have been created with the help of SaveStates!


  1. Still looking for this game in OS App Store 😪

  2. bruh used to play this 24H a day xd
    sad how old games were lot more fun and great compared to now , online bullshit ruined games.
    2k is shit, FIFA is shit.

  3. Woow, i love this game O.o
    I remember when I was a kid ,playing in recreative places.
    Much time ago… Was great

  4. I thought this was shut up and jam for a second

  5. Mmta que buenos estaban estos juegos en las maquinitas en la secu varias veces llegue a la final

  6. I don't particularly like basket ball games but this is a brilliant game and the only basket ball game I'll play, it's fecking awesome if I'm honest typical NEOGEO style! I love the power slamdunks the screen flashes the rim bends and the players all fall over, thats what makes this game so awesome plus the killer soundtrack and the game play is just right.

  7. ….waaaait a minute, there is no white player on the USA team. I WANT THIS GAME BANNED 🤣

  8. I never knew the commentator in both Street Hoop and Run N Gun are the same guy.

  9. Loved these arcade basketball games. More goaltending than in any hockey game I've played 😂

  10. Fouls and goaltending galore. Reminds me of NBA Jam.

  11. The soundtrack to this game is the definition of the 90s.

  12. Magic on the blacktop, work that ball.

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