Arcade Longplay [115] Ghosts´n´Goblins -

Arcade Longplay [115] Ghosts´n´Goblins

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Played By: MontyMole

The weapons are completely random, which is why i enver got a knife. But i was quite lucky with the magical weapon, without it the game is not beatable. You can alos download a DivX version at ” –
Disclaimer: Most videos by World of Longplays use SaveStates!


  1. Amazing! i cannot beat 2 satan…… By the way what level of difficulty you choose on mame?

  2. Imagine if you pass it second time and the game be like: Bro, you got tricked twice again, you have to restart the game and play with one finger only.

  3. Wow it's like the ghost of Todd Landers himself was playing this.

  4. Completing it in under 22 minutes – that's a strongth performance!

  5. "you feel strongth welling in your body." Oh boy

  6. I was playing Metal Slug 3 with my wife and she got a little bid frustrated with the final mission… It is a hard game? Yes… But them I remember THIS nonsense. Hahaha

  7. before there was dark souls… there was actually hard.

  8. to make a player play the same level twice instead of making more unique different levels to play is ultra lame.

  9. So you have to pass twice the same rounds to get to the end?????

  10. That was the smoothest gameplay ever man ggs insane and remarkable performance and admiral skills bro

  11. Hello and thx for the video! Is there any good link download for a MAME archiv (1 or 2 or 3GB) that works?

  12. Me: Oh Yeah I Finally The Beat This Game After 12 Hours Of Hard Work



  13. finally found a video with the classic crunched-crappy-speakers-loud theme, the one in other some videos is too clean, always preferred the arcade's version better, I remember you could hear this crapped theme in every corner of the game room

  14. Lesson: don't do sex in the graveyard or a demon will steal your gf 😂

  15. 🧙🏼‍♂️ Ghosts 'n Goblins Resurrection June 2021. It's time to wield Excalibur once more.

  16. I played this game at Dave and Busters some years back and I shit u not I must have put down 40 bucks in game play to pass it. Took about less then 1 1/2hours for me

  17. I think i used 1000 dollar to end this game in 85/86 i was like 14. Sik game , to see this agen her now its a blast im 50 and i want to play it agen 🙂

  18. some nice close calls in that one and no cheating!!!

  19. Crazy how short the game is when it doesn’t take 10,000 tries to beat one stage.

  20. You use Tricks?? Is impossibile you never die

  21. I have a Divoom Ditto speaker and I'm blasting the room out with the music to this game. The music sounds like a harpsichord.

  22. 1985, Capcom (Taito/Romstar license)
    Ghosts 'n Goblins

  23. Stole so many 20 cent pieces out my mum's purse to play this at the local fish and chip shop

  24. The best part is when you see hartur butt

  25. Playing it like that seems easy and all😅

  26. One of the hardest , but best games in Arcade History

  27. Only one guy was good at this game. We used to put coins for him to play whilest we watch but still even him didnt complete it

  28. Time that there was no lag in the games.

  29. Everything moves quicker in the arcade version.

  30. There are some typos in the description…..

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