Arcade Longplay [063] R-Type -

Arcade Longplay [063] R-Type

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  1. This was my favourite as a young lad. 👍👽

  2. As good as the graphics was and as far ahead it was against the C64 due to its hardware… the sound on the C64 sounded much better than this here, wonder why they saved on the sound chip back then 😮

  3. used to play @ this on a black & white tv-set connected to a commodore 64 platform with bigass floppys. (wasn't that good tho).
    more than 30yrs later managed to see of what colours things were.
    really, many thanks for the upload.

  4. Same creators from Bio Hazard Battle? The game its soo similar!

  5. I was an arcade addict from 13-28.. soooo Bubble bobble.. track n field.. Nemesis.. splatterhouse.. r type.. strider.. streetfighter 1/2 world cup.. outrun.. gauntlet.. 1942.. were my thing.
    Used to clock em all.
    Got my monies worth 🤣

  6. Great game. I wonder why they chose to make the parallax scrolling the wrong way around at 11:30 with the foreground moving slower than the background?.

  7. Fantastic game play, I remember my Best friend completing this game on the Amiga AND HATED HIM EVER SINCE LOL:)
    His Younger BROTHER then complete Ghouls 'n Ghosts and got a mention in the local papers as you had to complete Ghouls 'n Ghosts TWICE to defeat it lol:)
    I love RTYPE!!

  8. It's hard to believe some of the people who worked on this game would later go on to make Metal Slug 1 to 3.

  9. At the end "alright fellow R ships..they did all the impossible work..let's quickly join them and soak up some glory"

  10. R type is the king of shooters and also very challenging😘😘

  11. "Mexican food makes my colon feel like R-Type's Level 2"

  12. Dad what were arcade shoot em up games like in the 1980s?
    4:18 Well in R-type you had to shoot a cybernetic colon going in and out of multiple anuses in space.

  13. longplay helps shit, if you die once und you have to beat stage 7 WITHOUT power ups. Than you need skills

  14. Remember when you first saw this and the graphics looked UNBEATABLE?

  15. A fun game that kicked my azz everytime I played. Still can't beat it. Love and Hate it😅

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