Arcade Laserdisc: Fire Fox (1983 Atari) -

Arcade Laserdisc: Fire Fox (1983 Atari)

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A flying/ shooting ’em up game where you pilot the most complicated plane on earth stolen from Russia. You fly through different areas on earth shooting through enemy MIGS and other obstacles encounter by enemy jet fighters. You also need to shoot Russia’s infrared radar tracking target or you will get detected and enemy planes will try to destroy you. Look for refueling points to go further in the game. Flying at high altitudes generates less fuel points and more vulnerable to detection. Flying at low altitudes generates more fuel points and less vulnerable to detection.

An arcade laserdisc game based on the 1982 film of the same name. Produced and released by Atari in 1983. This was Atari’s first arcade game to use a laserdisc. Unfortunately, it was Atari’s only game that uses a laserdisc that was commercially sold. Other Atari games that uses a laserdisc are Road Runner and Knight Rider. But they never made past the prototype stage.

Emulator & Recorder: Mame64 0.172 w/built-in AVI Uncompressed Output
Encoder: Avisynth+Megui

Info: Re-uploaded in 60 fps. Used infinite energy and stop instant background death cheat after getting very low on energy.


  1. Blackpool 1983/84 and there were a few of these and MACH3, Astron Belt and the like. They were beyond imagination back then… Now you can see it for what it is… a very limited game which just repeats over and over very quickly… still it really captured the mind back then… and captured my 50ps a bit too quickly 😀

  2. If you where a good star wars player many of layers this game threw at you would seem familiar ,, one could play solid defense and never be detected , "but" you would be awarded little or no bonus fuel (which counts down with time and is depleted quickly with each hit) choosing to fly at high altitude conserved fuel letting you play longer,, but all the secret bonus points and interesting scenery where in the low altitude flight range ,, a lot more video game like then most branching choose laser disk games at the time , a bear to keep working which is one of the core reasons its Atari's only laser disk game .

  3. Oh, how I freaking want to try this game for the very first time… Such vigor..!

  4. That voice doesn't sound like Clint Eastwood.

  5. This and MACH 5 were king until afterburner came out.

  6. I've played this more than MACH 3. It could be that I liked it better, even though it meant 50 cents per game. I don't recall if I ever played this for 25 cents.

  7. Dirty Harry does Top Gun.
    I need to see this Clint Eastwood film.
    The game was always in my local Aladin's Castle but all I ever did was stare at the backgrounds when people would play the game. Still looks good. Quirky game though,but it was good for its time.

  8. If I remember the history of this game it was actually the first dollar a play game. But that deterred so many players from it it quickly dropped to 50 cents. I believe it was because the rights to use live footage from the movie not to mention Clint Eastwood's name really cost Atari a lot of money. For reference, Google how much Atari paid for the rights to Steven Speilberg's E.T. The price is truly jaw dropping for the time.

  9. As someone who remembers fondly the original Firefox theme, I can tell you that isn't it. It's trying to be, sure. But nope. Not quite there.

  10. "Are you enjoying you ride, Mr. Gant? You like our new toy?"

  11. This looks LEAGUES better than Astron Belt.

  12. This game blew my mind when I was a kid. Amazing for its time

  13. This game was frigging impossible for even my 12 year old reflexes.

  14. Pretty much Star wars with DVD overlay :-))

  15. Just going to point out return of the Jedi kiosks were identical. The laser hardware went into the bottom area in the back that is screwed shut.

  16. I think you could have put a few more ads in this.

  17. I can't even imagine how mindblowing this was in 1983

  18. Those missles aren't half as tough as all these ads. 🙄

  19. this game was great because of the headphone jack! On this & Space Harrier.

  20. Nice cut scenes and backgrounds, pity about the state of the art game play graphics. 😉

  21. Summer 1983 was the summer of laserdisc games. Yes they were mostly switched off because of faulty laserdisc players but it was still exciting

  22. I think that background was used at the beginning of Back to the Future Part 2 during the opening credits.

  23. Legendary. This would have been like god-dammed sorcery for 1984 gamers.

  24. I can't imagine how good this looked in 1983!

  25. Firefox, the cabinet players leaned against waiting for their turn on Dragon's Lair..

  26. At the time of release this game would have had scores of people lined up to drop a, rather expensive at the time, 50 cents for a few minutes of play. Today the poor gameplay is obvious with bad graphics (even for the early 80s) and simplistic chromakey overlay on Firefox movie footage and bad voice. Atari was suffering by this time and this was an obvious cash grab with minimal effort. No wonder that it is vaguely remembered. Definitely the E.T. video game of arcade games.

  27. after watching this movie on vhs then playing the game at the arcade was heaven

  28. Played this a local trade show where we snuck in, in our school uniforms. Utterly amazing graphics for its time.

  29. I can't believe this game is from 1983

  30. Seems like Mitchell Gant was more busy than we thought in stealing the MIG-31.

  31. First saw this in Blackpool in 1984. Looked incredible! First cabinet I ever saw that cost £1 a play. Often could be found “out of order” because of dust / sand problems with the laser disk unit!

  32. a s some of the "among the clouds" were even used in the intro credit roll of Back to the Future II (1989).

    … which movie had a futuristic plot but now this plot is 6 years into the past.

  33. Absolutely, I remember seeing this in my local mall arcade and it mesmerized me too. More fun than games like Dragon's Lair and Space Ace where you pretty much had one outcome or die. The cabinet was pretty short if I remember, of course, I probably was also short at the time. Everyone's right — it's drop your coins, shoot everything that moves and pray.

  34. And in 1987, Sega (a Japanese developer originally founded by an American) gave us "After Burner", that clearly took inspiration from the prior year's "Top Gun"

  35. Hmmmm…Top Gun on the NES bears a striking resemblance to Firefox.

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