Arcade: Jungle King/Jungle Hunt & Pirate Pete (1982 Taito) -

Arcade: Jungle King/Jungle Hunt & Pirate Pete (1982 Taito)

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A platform/run and jump scrolling game consisted of 4 levels where you play as tarzan out to rescue a woman. It was the first ‘side-scrolling, jumping & attacking game with a humanoid character’, appearing in arcades three years before Miyamoto’s classic “Super Mario Bros.”. This was also the first video game ever to feature Tarzan as a playable character. But, Taito never bothered to get permission from the estate of Edgar Rice Burroughs, so they were sued for copyright infringement for using Tarzan’s likeness. So this title quickly went out of production, and is rather rare today. They later reworked the graphics and released this game as “Jungle Hunt”.

Jungle King gameplay begins at 00:06
Jungle Hunt, a Clone Version of Jungle King and gameplay begins at 6:02
Pirate Pete, a reworked version Jungle King and gameplay begins at 11:49.

Note: No cheats were used, Just Save States.


  1. Haha this game was so cool in the 80s arcades along with excitebike

  2. I remember seeing the Jungle King/Hunt games, never saw Pirate Pete. The Pirate Pete had the added challenge of another pirate throwing a knife at you the Jungle games didn't. Had the pirates in the save-the-girl screen turned to eater-of-person types?

  3. Omg I played this when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing.💖

  4. quante partite ci ho fatto da ragazzino,soltanto dalla terza serie di livelli diventava troppo difficile, sulle liane c'erano troppi scimpanzé, i coccodrilli del fiume erano velocissimi, i macigni che franavano sulla montagna cambiavano traiettoria e si impennavano quando ti venivano addosso costringendoti a fare manovre troppo difficili (eri costretto ad accucciarti per schivarne uno e a saltare una frazione di secondo dopo per evitarne un altro) e certe volte te ne franavano addosso 2 o 3 insieme e infine nello stage finale dove dovevi salvare Jane appariva in alto a destra un terzo indigeno che ti scagliava addosso una lancia

  5. OMG I FOUND IT. I used to play this in the waiting room of my dentist when I was a kid. I used to be terrified of the dentist and being able to play this game was the only thing I looked forward to.

  6. Our hero changes his hair color quite a bit

  7. And, on ''jungle king'' the classic tarzan scream is the same from
    Johnny Weissmuller
    ooold tarzan movies

  8. Those damn Taito games almost always had sweet tunes. Sometimes I still hum songs from some of their 80's cabinet games.

  9. Obvously, you never had to pay money for the game. Otherwise, you would play better.

  10. Love it! Played the Atari version for years when I was young

  11. 3:09 The political correct snowflake crowd of 2020 would try to ban this

  12. I don't remember Pirate Pete, must be a Mandella thing.

  13. I used to play this at a burger joint with my friends while I was in high school in the 80s. For some reason this popped in my head today. I was trying to remember the name. I googled "Jungle Arcade Game" and I ended up finding it.

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