Arcade games had to be better than video games -

Arcade games had to be better than video games

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Billy Mitchell, the first person to get a perfect score in Pac-Man, reflects on the golden age of arcade games in the early 1980’s.


  1. Why does everyone ride billys dick. Heard of Bill Bastable? Probably not, he got a perfect pacman in 1988, eleven years before billy mitchell got his

  2. Videos games are better than a acrade game because you can keep it

  3. I am about as old as that guy, seeing as I'm halfway to 100, and I have to disagree with him completely. The problem with classic arcade games was, games were limited by the hardware of the day, limited in the amount of memory a game could physically take up on a chip on the motherboard in the arcade cabinet; which limited everything from the number of colors available on screen at one time, to the number of levels, the sound fx, etc.

    Eventually arcade machines advanced to where, some arcade machines used multiple video game cartridges such as NHK's NEO-GEO arcade machines which could have as many as 4 different games in one cabinet. Other arcade machines used Video Laser Disks, so that gamers were playing more of an interactive movie than a standard video game. Two such games were Space Ace and Dragonslayer, which unfortunately suffered from a bit of lag between the time you moved your joystick and the action taking place on the screen, so it was easy to make a wrong move.

    What Billy Mitchell probably has done is, like too many who look back at the games of yesteryear and declare them as superior to today; they focused so much on the games of their childhood that, they never were able to adapt to newer game technology. If you look at the first generation arcade and home video game systems, like the Atari 2600 and Colecovision, the games had mono sound, and you would have the same 8 or so screens that you would repeat over and over, but objects would move faster, be thrown at you from new directions, etc. This requires far less mental work then even the first Mario Brothers game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, that had far more unique levels, each with things hidden throughout, from secret passageways to higher levels, hidden extra lives, etc, the challenge became not just to get the highest score but, who could beat the level in the fastest time, who could find every hidden item, etc. Now, Nintendo has released Super Mario Maker, which not only allows you to make your own levels but, you can play the levels others have created, you can download those levels, you can edit them, and you can make your own levels available.

    Now, even though I enjoy the latest video games, including the Virtual Reality games I have been exploring, it is fun to go back and play the classics from time to time. Trying to compare the Arcade Games and Home Video Games of the beginning of video games with those of today isn't a fair comparison as, technology is so much more capable today, and we can still play those classic games anywhere, from our home computers and home video game systems, to our portable digital devices from, cell phones, tables, and even mobile gaming devices. So, one is neither really better than the other, our choices have simply expanded, and if today's technology was available back at the beginning of video gaming, I am sure video games back then would probably looked a lot more like they do today.

  4. There was a social element to arcades. You could watch anybody play and talk to them about the game. Someone would figure out the laser disk games like Dragon's Lair and you'd just watch it to see it all.

  5. to play arcade games, you had to go to the arcade and actually meet and interact with people, not like today, you sit in your living room, playing a game with somebody you don't see, maybe thousands of miles away

  6. And then came along Street Fighter II, the greatest arcade game of all time.

  7. pinball machines are better. I did play a lot of Centipede….. But that was all.

  8. The big "losers" were moms and pops silver coin collections, that were just sitting there in jars and piggy banks collecting dust. The "winners" were those pop and mom street corner arcades that collected those silver dust collecters and saved them. 2 bits, 4 bits 6 bits a dollar, an ounce is going for around $16, 17 dollars. Some were "UNC" or collectables.

  9. why are you stalking my YouTube comments, Sean Andresen?

  10. arcades are better. it's just console made it cheaper to play against ppl but not only in ur neighborhood but around the world.

  11. Take my money? haahaha 1 game from ea its 7 hours long and cost 100 $,
    but on arcade for that money i could play 10 days games lol, so funny
    Games became shit and boring, before i could not move from sega, now its just movies, and less and less you have control in game

  12. Billy Mitchell has been tossed out as a cheater.

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