Arcade Game: Xevious (1982 Namco) -

Arcade Game: Xevious (1982 Namco)

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A flying vertical shooting game.
This is the first game to have pre-rendered graphics and the first game to have hidden characters.


  1. I loved this game. I can't watch it on youtube because this guy is just randomly dropping bombs on whatever. Gotta have a strategy.

  2. Xevious is the pioneer and father of shmups, as Shenmue is the pioneer and father of 3D open world.

  3. i feel like i'm alone with this thought, but i think that the song that plays when you're in the game is actual trash

  4. We have a free barcade where I live and I spent hours on Xevious and Spyhunter.

  5. Used to have one of these cabinets in my middle school. Brings back memories

  6. 5:37 is the exact spot I used to get stuck at as a kid playing this game but looking back on it, it looks like a way easier portion of the game than I remembered it being haha

  7. Of all coin-op video games, this was my addiction. In 1982 I had just graduated high school and my friends and I played this for hours at Pinball Pete's. After so many years the muscle memory is still there. Not to where I would be as good as I was, but enough that I can see where this Player missed an opportunity.
    That's a horrible way to say thank you for this great chance to relive an important time in my life. It was a good time.
    Now I just regret that I have never been able to learn console gaming.

  8. I used to play the crap out of this at the Fox Hills Mall back in the 80s.

  9. Dude has an invincibility cheat

  10. Amaba ese juego, pasaba horas jugando

  11. although im only 16, i grew up playing this game so much. i had a controller that came with a bunch of namco games like this and pole position, i always wondered how old these games were and i was shocked to see that they were this old haha!

  12. I remember just seeing Xevious shoot off a bomb in Project X Zone 2 as part of Valkryie's attack, like???? Does she even know what a spaceship is????? Actually yeah but that's BESIDE THE POINT

  13. Like if you never even got to the 40,000 automatically set high score. I was off by 500 points.

  14. Eu zerei este jogo no arcade, com apenas 1 ficha, tinha uma maquina perto de casa

  15. It's pretty bad when you have to find and watch stuff like this to remind you of one of the best times in your life because your life now sucks so bad.

  16. Great game but harder than fossilized t-rex excrement.

  17. I just purchased the arcade version for my Xbox today; it only costs $4.99.

  18. That one giant boss spaceship thing always got me by appearing out of nowhere

  19. Onette Arcade music in Earthbound brought me here.

  20. Great game. Wow, the battle over a more rural state makes all the difference.

  21. I love the sound effects, and the song… it's so creative and unique for that time!

  22. Este es mi pensamiento que ago todos los días de adisdas

  23. The original good shmup. Sure colors are repetitive, but compare this to Galaga.. we got ourselves a real shmup here in the modern sense.

  24. Literally one of my favorite retro games of all time! Used to play this for hours.

  25. me and my cousins use to fight over this game in the ellersile takeaway auckland after school 1982

  26. .. spent a small fortune on this one. So many solvalous blown up!

  27. Lol remember playing this on my nokia n70

  28. Mappy, Rally X, and Xevious were my faves. 😭 Throw in Rolling Thunder and Dragon Spirit.

  29. I played this game as a young kid of the early 2000's meticulously this along with the racing one. Haha just looked it up to remember it! gonna play em all too

  30. Remember playing this with my bro on pacman console and this game was hard

  31. Graphics look good for '82. I remember buying this around '89 or '90 for the 7800 and the graphics paled in comparison.

  32. In Earthbond/Mother 2,arcade game center theme was Xevious theme.

  33. So you somehow got invincibility on the way through?

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