Arcade Game: Wizard of Wor (1980 Midway) -

Arcade Game: Wizard of Wor (1980 Midway)

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A maze type shooting game from midway.


  1. As you can see I was addicted to this game. Wasted many an hour playing the cocktail version of this game with an old buddy of mine. We became pros after some time.

  2. This game kinda scared me back in the day with the music and the voice. Surprisingly, Gorf, which used the same speech synth, didn't scare me at all.

  3. where can you play this game with full voices?

  4. 40th Anniversary of Wizard of Wor (1980-2020)

  5. I used to skip school to play this game at the auto parts store in 1985.

  6. Man I loved this game as a kid. Great memories of my atari 2600

  7. I want to trade some putty (chewable) for this video.. If that's acceptable.

  8. Thumbs down for cheating like this guy. Gets run over, shot, and never dies. At least play it right.

  9. This has to be the loudest video game ever. Every time I go to the ghost, i hear this dumb azz game. It mustn't be much fun. No one plays it

  10. Thanks guys!…thanks for the memories!

  11. Omg this is where the skeleton laugh from Thou Art Dead came from lol

  12. wow…i played the heck out of this game as a kid…me and my brother had a cheat book that showed you wer to stand and hide to kill the monsters..Awesome game…

  13. The only thing that sucks with MAME these days is that the sound for wizard of wor doesn't even properly work now these days. so it sucks that hardly anybody who plays on the arcade emulator these days will have a really hard time playing this game and I really feel sorry for them because wizard of wor was a highly underrated game. I would almost consider wizard of wor to be considered to be the very first co-op game

  14. I wouldn't care how long the games were if they weren't hacked invincible mode.

  15. I loved this game as a teen, and dropped many a quarter into that slot. I still cannot figure out what the voice is saying, though!

  16. I was addicted to this game on my trusty C64 and never saw the arcade version. Truth be told I actually somewhat prefer the C64 version over the arcade version! The arcade just seems too "busy" and not very refined, plus the collision detection is way off. Normally voice sampling is a cool thing in an 80s game, but here it's annoying and distracting!

  17. No doubt all games try to get you addicted to the music as well.

  18. Obviously there were some cheats activated to show us some levels. Lol
    I dropped a ton of quarters with my buddies on this one.
    We found the spots to beat this thing but I don’t remember what level we actually made it to. We were good though. I remember the pits and stacking extra men so we could beat the unbeatable levels.

  19. I played this on the Commodore 64 back when I was a kid. Great game

  20. With my head leaned in against the screen, 12 year old me was mesmerized by the sounds alone

  21. Wow I want your cheat code! Your guy can walk through the enemies unharmed.

  22. I played this often as a teen. The gun would not reload until the bullet either hit one of the creatures or a boundary line. So if you missed your shot out in the open you were basically screwed. It could be played by either one or two people and as a two person game you could die by friendly fire. What is presented in this video capture doesn't in any way give an authentic depiction of the original game. The musical cues sound very much like the original but the graphics look like a cheap Atari home version.
    First time I dropped a quarter in the machine, I knew absolutely nothing about the game and when I saw the Wizard for the first time, it was truly a WTF moment.
    This was back before there was dazzling CGI so in its time it was really something special.

  23. How are you getting away with cheating you appear to have inviscbilty

  24. Are you running this on some kind of mod?
    I've seen monsters go through you, shots not connect, shots not kill the other player…

    Neat nostalgia but this game is a player killer big time.
    Oh, and as a brat I got to the void all the time. Wanted to play Joust but the adults at the bar had it forbidden for kids to touch.

  25. Wow, the wizard is so rattled he's not even speaking in complete sentences anymore. 😉

  26. 7th grade gas station bus stop addiction for me. I don’t think I ate lunch that entire year.

  27. I got the midway arcade collection for my xbox one because it was free with gold. I gotta say I love these arcade games. Without these amazing games we wouldn't have what we have today.

  28. The graphics piss on anything around today like PS5 or Xbox One X

  29. On 057, it’s absolutely confirmed that Nintendo took inspiration from that melody as the intro in donkeykongkong ,the first part of the melody sound exactly the same, this cannot be an coicidance,right?
    Eitherway it’s awesome to hear that melody😁

  30. This game uses the same song of Donkey Kong at the beginning of every stage.

  31. This was my favorite arcade game! It was a bad ass game! I wish my local arcade/restaurant had it.

  32. Very Polite.. Please, Insert Coin…. 🙂 How many TONS of Silver where consumed by these arcade machines ? 🙂

  33. Well…I found the “Thou Art Dead” laugh from Monster House.

  34. Wtf? The "wizard" comes right out and goes ape-shit on you. This game is a freak show.

  35. I loved this arcade game so much back in the 80s! I was inspired by the fantastic track "Outliers" by Droid Bishop so I turned "Wizard of Wor" into a funny music video where…the soldiers would escape from the labyrinth! 😉 Enjoy!

  36. DUDE, when that fucking wizard popped out (4:21) it just crashed all my 80s memories in on me at once. #poprocks

  37. I liked this game alot…my brother could play it for hours on end…i spent alot of quarters playing this game…

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