Arcade Game: Vs. Baseball (1984 Nintendo) -

Arcade Game: Vs. Baseball (1984 Nintendo)

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A sports/baseball game

An arcade baseball game released on Nintendo’s VS arcade system in 1984. Some of the differences from the NES version is that it was more detailed graphics and a speech voice.

NES version

Note: Since this game was played on MAME, I’m marking it as an arcade game. Cheats were used in the game.


  1. One strike, and their out… and the inning immediately ends on top of all of that?That's pretty unforgiving… o_o;

  2. This had to have been the meanest arcade Baseball game ever made. Certainly the meanest I could ever remember!

  3. I used to hit 6..
    Man only singles, no thrill

  4. This has to be my least favorite Baseball video game, the computer knows exactly when to hit the ball and has it easy when it comes to scoring runs….your guys on the other hand are slower than molasses in January

  5. The out system make no sense in the arcade version. I do like the vantage point changes from when you’re pitching or batting but how many frigging outs do you get.

  6. I just bought this on my nintendo switch I love it I remember in at the arcades

  7. Obviously running some kind of hack. But it wastes so much time throwing to first base. No arcade operator would like a game tied up doing that. It just ties up the game and keeps it from earning more money.

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