Arcade Game: Tutankham (1982 Konami) -

Arcade Game: Tutankham (1982 Konami)

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A maze/shooting ’em up game where inside King Tut’s tomb are treasures beyond your wildest dreams. They can be yours… if you dare to take them. Supernatural creatures roam the mazes of the tomb guarding the treasures at all costs. Your only defenses against them are your laser gun… and your wits. Blast away, snatch the loot, escape through secret passageway before it’s too late! And when you see a key, take that, too. It will unlock the door to the next chamber and the next adventure. Enter King Tut’s tomb and see what awaits you… if you dare.

Note: Used Invincibility cheat when down to last life. The game is endless.


  1. This was a rare game when it was new so I don't hold out much hope of finding one now. I'd play the hell of it if I did find one though.

  2. Video games died in 1985, everything after is for casuals.

  3. Great game. Don't mind using the invincibility cheat. I would have done the exact same thing.

  4. A classic game from Konami. Quite frustrating, i'd admit.

  5. This game could have been so much better if it had more levels, AND if it allowed firing up/down. Great idea, bad design.

  6. Seems a likely source of Namco's Tower of Druaga(June 1984). Tower of Druaga is regarded as a starting point of Japanese RPGs, though it of course began as an arcade game.

    Also remember Paganitzu? (1991, Keith Schuler/Apogee)

  7. i never knew this game as a kid but looks fun… and also is like a berzerk/super mario mashup,,,lol

  8. One of my favourite games. I can't remember the invisibility function. How did you get that? Still, I got through to Tutankhamen at least once!

  9. This game had great speakers and that music at 2:33 used to reverberate throughout the arcade.

  10. 난이도가 엄청높은게임~~~ 원코인 절대 불가능~

  11. Watching gameplay, enemies run right through the guy. Is that some kind of cheat?

  12. In 1984 I manage to reach level 32, and without a flash button, because on the console I played on, there was no third button for flash…

  13. One of the earliest video games i remember playing.

  14. What I hate about this game is that you can't fire up and down!

  15. Hard as hell. I well remember this. Played it often.

  16. Not sure which game came out first, this one or Defender, but the sounds on both are more or less the same.

  17. How did the "Archie" go through the birds, snakes and butterflies without dying? I never knew you could do that

  18. Used to be good at this up in Petersburg AK. in Kito's Kave. Now I suck!

  19. Only able to play one day in 1983? Only saw the machine once. I saw ads for the Atari game version but never saw a copy.

  20. One game I can still kick ass on after 30 years is Galaga! I can still reach 300 to 500,000 pts. Back in my crazy days, I once flipped Galaga three times on the same quarter! I certainly wouldnt have the mental stamina to do that today!

  21. I barely remember this. Interesting. I guess the arcades I came into just never had this or it looked too hard to try out.

  22. you know my dad, army soldier strict, thinks he was still in the army, hes the man back then, kicked my ass in front of my cousin, there dad Rasta reggae band, get away with murder

  23. @ yep fighting over this game me and the cousin, 1982, got a dong to, not listening, cousin stay and watch me go

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