Arcade Game: Tron (1982 Midway/Walt Disney Co.) -

Arcade Game: Tron (1982 Midway/Walt Disney Co.)

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A multiplay game where game set inside the ‘Tron’ computer, and is based on the ground-breaking Disney movie of the same name.
Tron consists of twenty-two stages – or ‘phases’ – of play. Each phase consists of four separate games called “domains”, all of which must be completed before moving on to the next phase. Players can determine the order in which each of the four domains is attempted, but the domain position is random and is only revealed once that domain has been chosen.

The Tank Battle part looks like space paranoids as seen in the film.

Note: No cheats used after beating each of the 4 levels. After the game starts repeating, invincibility cheat was used as the levels repeating since they got really hard. The game is endless.


  1. this game looks soo shitty. I mean REALLY shitty. What's up with the LGBTQ box of popcorn?? Wondering how it became a classic.

  2. God,this brings back memories! I loved this. The only downside was all the cigarette smoke I had to endure in the arcade. Great analogue sound and music on this,too.

  3. JohnLovesAnime Ch. ジョンはアニメが大好き says:

    dude I used to play this a lot… idk where tho… but I remember playing this game so much, feels so nostalgic hearing these sound effects

  4. Thanks to the movie, I was scared to approach that arcade machine because I thought it was going to get a laser beam and it was going to take me into the game

  5. I remember walking to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters twitching my trigger finger to warm up for this game.

  6. cant tell you how much money i spent on this haha. LOVED it! thanks for posting! but seriously… whats with the cheating?

  7. Sinister cause presents throw back 101 on YouTube

  8. What the heck is the cheat being used here?

  9. Bullshit. He died several times in the 2nd tank round, and also the 2nd round light cycles. I call shenanigans.

  10. What kid of cheating bullshit is this?

  11. seems every video from 2015 has the first 3mins with no sound ? youtube annoying

  12. The cheating mode defeats the interest of the demonstration. Thumbs down.

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