Arcade Game: Track & Field (1983 Konami) -

Arcade Game: Track & Field (1983 Konami)

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A sports/track and field game where you compete against each other in 6 track and field events. Only 2 players could compete simultaneously so on 3 and 4-player games, players had to wait their turn. An extra life is awarded for every 100,000 points acquired. Each player must qualify in the current event before they can move on to the next. Hit the 2 run buttons to build up speed and use action button to jump or throw. The events are :
100M DASH – Run as fast as possible.
LONG JUMP – Run to the take-off board then choose angle of jump (42 is optimal).
JAVELIN – Run to the line then choose angle of throw (42 is optimal).
110M HURDLES – Run and time jumps over the hurdles.
HAMMER THROW – As the athlete spins faster and faster, time release of hammer and angle of throw (45 is optimal).
HIGH JUMP – The athlete will run to the bar, just as he reaches it, use Action button to start the jump and hold down the action button to reduce the angle of climb, i.e. you start going straight up at 90 degrees if you tap the button just once. Use run buttons while in the air to gain extra height.

Note: Used the fast cheat on the 110 meter hurdle and the high jump level.


  1. I loved this game. I'd love to have one at home. It would be great for parties. I doubt they exist anymore.

  2. Does anybody have any hints on how to actually get past the hammer throw stage.It"s infuriating.I keep hitting the sides and haven't made one yet.

  3. Thanks for the flashbacks to my teenage arcade years! I remember having to pound on those buttons as fast as I could when playing the 100 Meter Dash.

  4. Loved this game always got to the high jump then failed 🙁

  5. Did anyone use pencils to go faster ? It helped

  6. Anyone remember the joy of seeing this machine from a distance and hoping it was the joystick version?

  7. An arcade game with no Action Replay options.

  8. We used to use electric toothbrushes at the arcade,lol. Good times.

  9. Wasnt there a hidden trick where you can throw the javelin straight up and hit and bring down a chandalier? or am i remembering that wrong?

  10. use to play this in the Laundrymat way way back…memories

  11. Apesar do jogador ser muito ruim e não saber inclinar parta passar o salto em altura eu matei saudades. Obrigado!

  12. The key to winning this game is not to tap quickly, but vibrate your finger on the sprint button

  13. Where the class action for a generation of people who got RSI injuries play this! GOD I LOVED THIS GAME. Every time I hear the sound effects I can smell the sweaty chips in the arcade.

  14. It’s pretty awesome that they made the computer player African American. Konami is all about equality.

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