Arcade game: Tempest (1980 Atari) [Re-Uploaded] -

Arcade game: Tempest (1980 Atari) [Re-Uploaded]

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A shooting game where you a yellow, claw-shaped “Blaster” ship moving around the outer rim of a 3-D vector (wireframe) tunnel. Enemies move down the tunnel towards the player’s ship and must be destroyed. Any contact with either incoming enemy fire or the enemies themselves will cost the player a life. Completion of a tunnel will see the player “warp” to the next tunnel to tackle a new wave of enemies.

Note: Previously Uploaded. Re-Uploaded for better quality.


  1. I remember playing this at the Store 24 in Harvard Square around 80-81. I blew a ton of allowance ($5 a week) on this game and never even came close to THIS far. Excellent gameplay!

  2. Is this a vidfeed from Wade Watts’ legendary run?

  3. Funny how he keeps getting his ass kicked until he gets down to his last life. Then he is invincible for a while. Doesnt lok like that good of a player, he has this game rigged somehow.

  4. That was one of the most impressive demonstrations of anything I have ever seen….

  5. Hey could you redo this?  The tint is too dark.

  6. Zeusdaz - The Unemulated Retro Game Channel says:

    Even though I'm against emulation, there was no need to thumb down this video, it shows all levels being played in full instead of using savestaes cheat by just superZapping all the time, even if there is cheat being used in this or not it is still a very good demonstration.
    I still say the thumbs up and down system should be scrapped as It's a cowards toy of giving a good video a negative tick,…they just thumbs down a video for the sake of it and run away without explaining why,…selfish idiots,…I've had my share.
    Good video, would love to play the real thing again one day.

  7. This guy beat Jim Halliday's high score! Nice.

  8. I just shoot in close contact that way i shoot where they are going to be and i also go back and forth if they try to go vertically up to me.I also predict where they might spawn at the bottom.Another thing how do you make the entire hole spark .

  9. Um…. interesting, but I'm not sure why people are impressed. The game is hacked so he can't die! My cat could be playing it…. it's just a way of showing all of the levels, nothing to do with how to play them.

  10. Now that's badass! This guy's a pro in action.

  11. Man the old Computergames did really suck 😀 How could someone love that and anna play that…

  12. I was 5 years old that I play this game on pc and some other Atari titles

  13. When you realise that you’re name is higher than the initials JDH

  14. Dude you've got some mad skillz!!! 😀

  15. 5 people need a Green Spiker shoved up their asses

  16. This is why i love vector games bcuz they are really 2d games but the movement makes it look 3d

  17. I always stay aware of those rainbow-like spikes. They're tough.

  18. So you can move through enemies only while they're moving?

  19. I'm just here for the memories. I loved this game, back in the day.

  20. This game reminds me of that time I took acid before my geometry test

  21. Yes he is playing this using M.A.M.E. – I don't care how good a person's reflexes are there is now way one can physically get through the levels past level 81 with 100% accuracy and what gives it away is the real arcade gives a brief 1 to 2 second delay between lives that are lost where as the MaMe version doesn't do that. Finally, it don't matter what camera is being used (unless tapped directly to the integrated circuits on the motherboard) the camera will show scan lines scrolling down on the display when recorded. MaMe doesn't show that.

  22. Needs to learn how to use spikes. I was 14 when this came out 52 now. Ahhhhhh the 80s

  23. I want to buy an original. I had the strangest experience playing this in the 80's. I was never really good at it but one day I was unbeatable and everyone was crowded around me filling the pizzeria watching me play but I couldn't die. I was certain it was a bug so I gave the game to someone else and they lost all lives in seconds. There was a mirror near the machine and as I walked away I noticed my pupils were super dilated and my ears were very red. I felt like a different person and my understanding of people changed as if I could almost see through them, it was as if I was experiencing enlightenment as crazy as it sounds. I have finally concluded after over 30 years that the game play must have resulted in certain brain waves which created the experience. I need a real machine, no emulators. I am going to try to repeat the experience.

  24. OK, what kind of hacked game is this? You can't just move through the lightning balls when they are on the top of the rim!?!?!

  25. I remember the way that we played this game at the arcade. One person on the knob to control the movement and another pumping the fire button.

  26. My most played game of all time. I'm over 50 and still gaming every day but this…..this is thee one. And yes…of course he/she's cheating. A human can't defy the game's physics one second then die to the very same thing the next. The deaths are when the cheat software is resetting, I'm guessing. Someone down in the comments explained the software being used. Still, to see the black level is pretty damn kewl.

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