Arcade Game: Tapper/Root Beer Tapper (1983 Midway) -

Arcade Game: Tapper/Root Beer Tapper (1983 Midway)

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A Miscellaneous game where bartender, the player must serve beer to the ever-thirsty patrons that populate his bar. All customers must be served before they work their way up to the beer kegs. Empty glasses must also be collected before they slide off the end of the bar and smash to the floor. Extra points are awarded for collecting tips, while bonus rounds involve locating the one beer that has not been shaken, and serving it. The game features 4 different levels :
1. Cowboys
2. Athletes
3. Punk Rockers
4. Aliens

Note: This game originally was going to use digitized sprites but never made to the final version. Used invincibility cheat after down to last life as a result, you’ll see beer glasses floating across the air in screen. Also used the serve only 1 beer cheat to complete levels in the later levels. The game is endless.

Different versions of the game were shown. Budweiser, Suntory (Japanese Beer) starts at 56:01, and Root Beer Tapper starts at 1:06:30.


  1. The little alien that walks over the counter reminds me of Gumball…

  2. Gotta love that product placement, you know, for kids!

  3. Omg! This makes me so happy I want to cry! ❤❤

  4. I swear I could see this as a character in smash

  5. Great product placement for kids! But budweiser tastes like piss tho.

  6. 7:56 I'm surprised Budweiser was okay with having their logos this level, of course the executives who played the game before approving it probably never got this far.

  7. Oh Susannah! Why don’t you cry for me? I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee!

  8. Who came here from wreck it Ralph the movie?

  9. These places really need more workers…

  10. Its isn't root beer. Its beer. Kids had an unfiltered life before liberals fucked up present youth and made them into common core pussies.

  11. I started liking this game recently when I play the mini Atari flashback 9, although the graphics on the arcade version are better. On the atari 2600 version it uses a Mountain Dew sign rather than Budweiser. It's weird by today's standards to see beer and tobacco ads in video games back in the 80's. The arcade version of Pole Position has a Marlboro sign by the road side.

  12. loved the tappers face after a glass snaps

  13. What's with the crazy "floating mode" that player triggers when they are on their last life?

    I have never been able to make it to the alien bar level. Nice to see that.

  14. I really hope Arcade1Up releases this cabinet.

  15. These graphics are actaully incredible for 1983

  16. That barkeep certainly is not getting paid enough for all he goes through

  17. In this times of coronavirus tapper can't serve beer to no one

  18. I played this game 1984 in berlin in "alice wonderland" ku'damm; shame, i want to watch real, not cheaters.

  19. My arcade had the root beer version, but I also remember the Mountain Dew version for the 2600!

  20. Kids…drink Budweiser. Tastes like root beer.

  21. Can someone please tell me how to get this on PC or some sort of console so I can play it at home? I bought a Game Cube just so I could play "Root Beer Tapper" but I want this one bad. It's not on Steam either!

  22. Максим Галайчук - Mypka_Max says:

    The music sounds like it was played on a synth keyboard (I don't like the reverb going on here) and the sprite pixel size is half the size of tile pixels, and it's weird.
    Most people wouldn't have the attention to be able to find the can that was not shaked by the… Burglar? The tapper drinks on the job, drinks his own drink, after completing the level.
    The gameplay idea is interesting regardless.

  23. I have never in my life been to a bar where everyone chugs their beer the second they get it and want another one immediately.

  24. Just played this 2 weeks ago on a legit arcade

  25. I'm disappointed that you used cheats when making this video.

  26. Jon Taffer would have a field day at this Bar…

  27. Tapper (Budweiser&Suntory): Beer
    Root Beer Tapper (Root Beer): Root Beer Reason: Stay away from Alcohol and drink goodly🙂

  28. Like the mugs on the budweiser version better

  29. This Bud’s for You – Budweiser

    * Please Drink Responsibly, You Must be 21 or Older to Drink Alcohol

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