Arcade Game: Tank Battalion (1980 Namco) -

Arcade Game: Tank Battalion (1980 Namco)

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A tank must destroy all other 20 tanks to protect’s is base representing an eagle. A level is complete when all 20 tanks are destroyed. The game is over when the base is destroyed.


  1. Kicked ass on this game at Harry's Lounge Norfolk VA '75-'76

  2. 黃色坦克車只要爆炸三次遊戲也會結束。

  3. 如果坦克車把黃色老鷹直接打死,遊戲就會馬上結束,因為老鷹就是司令部。

  4. I see the explosion was edited and reused in Galaga.

  5. This game, together with the sequel Battle city, inspired the new amiga game Tanks Furry

  6. 司令部にもろに当たってるじゃん


  7. This game would have got me addicted to it, if i lived my youth in early 80's. "you wanna play Tank battalion in arcades?" i'd say "fuck yeah! lets go kill some metal!"

  8. Looks like a zx spectrum gameExcept arcade letters

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