Arcade Game: Super Basketball (1984 Konami) -

Arcade Game: Super Basketball (1984 Konami)

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A sports basketball game.

Konami’s first basketball game.

Note: Used infinite time cheat on some of the harder and more difficult levels.


  1. Lol@6:37…….”Double Dribble “!!! Was double dribble by Konami also?

  2. I used to play this at my dad's old house. Good times

  3. Old retro gaming where’s the next video?

  4. very similar to Nes games even the sound is identical but at the time it was luxury.

  5. Would S. B-Ball be considered Double Dribble's Dad or Grand Dad? Lol… Also, I realize you didn't program S. B-Ball however, What's up w/the High Score mechanic? Seems displaced in a Sports game – Cheers!

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