Arcade Game: Scramble (1981 Konami) -

Arcade Game: Scramble (1981 Konami)

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A shooting game where you take control of a spaceship and has to fight their way through 6 different levels. Contact with either scenery of objects results in an instant loss of life. The player’s Scramble ship is armed with both a blaster and bombs; the blaster is used for enemy ships, while the bombs fall down to attack ground-based targets and to collect fuel from fuel dumps. The fuel dumps are of particular importance as the player ship’s fuel gauge constantly decreases as the player progresses, and the only way to fill it back up is by bombing the fuel tanks that are located throughout the levels.

Fuel usage increases as the game progresses, until fuel usage actually outstrips the amount of fuel dumps available and the game becomes impossible.

Scramble is considered a classic and was the world’s first ever ‘multi-level’ shoot-em-up.

Other names for this game are Bomber, Explorer, Impacto, and Strafe Bomb.

Played on Final Burner Alpha emulator.


  1. what is happening with the high score? are you using cheats? u losing a life and instantly you 're getin like 50.000 points.

  2. If it wasn’t called Scramble it would be called “BOMBS AWAY!”

  3. Super Cobra was basically a graphics hack, and that it only came out a few months later.

    Scramble: February 1981 > March 1981
    Super Cobra: March 1981 > June 1981

  4. this reminds me of some c64 game, but can't remember what it was called.

  5. Great game. In our arcade a pilot would try to get the best bombardier to be a partner. I was the first in my town to figure out how to manoeuvre through Stage 5 and with SC as my bomber, we were the first to destroy the base. Awesome memories!

  6. No big huge colorful robot at the end that blows up into a million more colorful dots?

  7. Play this on the Vertex not your talking

  8. Highest score was 230,000 in the arcade – about an hours play – so yep, we loved this one – Defender? I Was useless – lucky if I got 2mins play

  9. Friend of mine just bought this for me as a reissue for the 2600 from AtariAge! Can’t wait to dust off the ole system and play! Never played it back in the day. Looks like Super Cobra with spaceships.

  10. Nih Sebelum Scramble Perancang Go Nagai Dan Sekarang Gradius Perancang H Rhoma Irama Soneta

  11. The Vectrex version of this game is surprisingly accurate.

  12. This was a great game, one of the original classics. It was very cool to find it appearing at my dad's rugby club bar, though I never got more than half-way through the levels!

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