Arcade Game: Quasar (1980 Zelco / Zaccaria) -

Arcade Game: Quasar (1980 Zelco / Zaccaria)

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A shooting game from Zelco / Zaccaria. Probably one of the hardest shoot ’em up arcade games ever made.

Info: Reuploaded for better quality and correct aspect ratio with filters disabled.


  1. Wow! I've been looking for this game for 20 years. Just never knew what it was called. I remember playing it at my local arcade back in the early 80s.

  2. Had to play on invincible to get through? LOL. It was a hard game with terrible controls.

  3. I remember seeing this as a kid in the Majors department store arcade section in Flemington, NJ. I was afraid to play it, there having been no attract screen showing gameplay. I figured it was because it sucked bad, or was as scary as the title sounds.

  4. This machine had a programing flaw that would explode your ship for no reason. Very frustrating. 4:36

  5. Mi ricordo il cabinato in sala giochi nel 1980, accanto a quello di Phoenix.😃

  6. Certo che Zaccaria a copiare sempre suoni degli altri giochi e poi dai… che gioco di ultra basso livello. Poi viene osannata ma questo fa veramentr c…..e.

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