Arcade Game: Q*bert (1982 Gottlieb) -

Arcade Game: Q*bert (1982 Gottlieb)

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A platform/run n jump/maze game where the object of the Q*bert game is to change the color of the top of the cubes to the Destination color indicated at the upper-left of the screen (below Player 1’s score) by hopping onto them. When all the cubes in the pyramid have been changed to the destination color, the screen will advance to the next Round, with the player-controlled Q*bert character starting back on the top cube. At the beginning of each Level, there will be a short demonstration cycle with Q*bert hopping around four cubes to explain to the player the play action of each Level. Each Level consists of four Rounds. The current Level number and Round number is displayed at the upper-right of the screen (below Player 2’s score in a 2-player game).

Note: Used a collision cheat. There’s a glitch in the game near the end caused by the cheat. The game has 9 levels and it is endless as once you beat level 9, it repeats level 9 endlessly.


  1. If someone ever does a Buckner & Garcia style song about Q*Bert, they should use the game's voice synthesis for the vocals.

  2. So this is the Q-Bert trainer… Infinite lives? Where is the pride in your achievements?

  3. My 14 year old can play this game better then you..LOL

  4. you beat me this time but nextime il beat your high score

  5. Nancy Wesolowski Washed Clean-Soaps by Jona says:

    I'd play this after i got off my bus in jr high. Good memories

  6. I Can,t Belive That Q*bert Said Bad Word

  7. I remember a Q Bert flipper that I used to play. I think it was some kind of oversized arcade flipper.

  8. One of the many arcade games that appear in Gacha Future Town.

  9. Ben Burrt, 1983: HEY. They promised me his name would be "Q-Burrt"!!

  10. I love the words the Purple Demons mutter

  11. I don’t remember the voice thing in this game.. then again I had it back in 1989, I was 6 and thoroughly HATED this game

  12. Spitting Knowledge For Mind Elevation says:

    This game was so popular back in the day that they even had a cartoon made out of it.

  13. OMG,,, I used to play this after school… Brings back memories.. lol

  14. There’s this retro arcade in Fentonville, Arkansas called Arkadia. It had more classic games than you could count, and this is one of them. It was pretty tough. Anyone who’s a fan of retro gaming should really give places like that a try.

  15. The spinning disks are the origin of the Mac’s Spinning Wheel of Death.

  16. I just love at the intro how he says


  17. This was my favorite game! Ever!!!! Man, I'd love to get another one that worked.

  18. I used to play this at the Waterland Arcade!

  19. He makes a dying sound effects whenever he falls

  20. Ha I know that game anywhere with music the gameplay and the controls I’ve been playing a very annoying game on the go it annoys me more than Pac-Man

  21. Soy el único que lo conoce por Ralph el demoledor?

  22. I think good strategy is to complete base first.. too bad monsters spawn from above.

    How simple and stress relieving games were..

  23. I remember being four years old, sitting on my dad's lap and playing this game with him on his computer for hours, back in 1999/2000. I can't believe I've finally found it after struggling to remember the name for so long.

    I'm 26 now and still play video games almost everyday 💜

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