Arcade Game: Punch-Out!! (1984 Nintendo) -

Arcade Game: Punch-Out!! (1984 Nintendo)

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A sports/boxing game where you play a role of green-haired boxer, who must fight his way through six increasingly larger-than-life boxers to earn the title of ‘Champ’ in this superb 1-on-1 fighting game. You must must time their punches, dodges and blocks in order to defeat the opposing boxer. Opponents are each rendered as humorous cartoon-like caricatures – adding much to the game’s atmosphere – and each boxer fights in a slightly different style, forcing players to adapt to their strategy. The top monitor is used for statistics while the bottom one is used to display the actual fight.

Flip the video images to horizontal so it fits within the YouTube window. But the original aspect ratio and resolution for both video screens are maintained and kept the same.

Note: No cheats used at all. Only savestates used. The game repeats the first level after you’ve beaten it using a different color palette. It continues on forever and the level counter only goes up to 99 and level 100 becomes level 0 and restarts from the beginning. The ending is only shown once. The only way you can see the ending again is by losing one of the matches, insert coin, and do a rematch and beat that same level and whoa-la! you see ending again and it’s the same one you’ve seen before.


  1. I can see Donkey Kong and Mario in the crowd.

  2. Body blow! Body blow! Body Blow! Put him away!! Uppercut! Uppercut! He's down for the count!

  3. arcade campiao mr sandman mora estados unidos

  4. litle mac vencedor campiao derrota de mr sandman

  5. Champion of the world glass joe? GOD SAVE US ALL

  6. This Nintendo arcade game is in dual-screen in 2.35:1 widescreen format. By the way, Arcade Archives: Punch-Out!! will be release on Friday, March 30, 2018 on Nintendo Switch.

  7. Geo sos de madera balsa jugando hermano¡¡¡¡

  8. Man I just takes me back to the days when I used to go to the Playland arcade that was located on 42nd Street and 7th Avenue the first time I played this game was back in 1983 I believe was the mid-summer to early fall of 1983,and that was when I had started playing this video game at the Playland arcade when it was at West 42nd Street and 7th Avenue, I use to play this game,final blow, heavyweight Champ,millepede, centipede,Pac-Man,ms.pacman, Pac-Man Jr,the original STREET-GANG r, Street-fighter 2, Street-fighter 2 champions edition, elevator action, Marvel super heroes etc.butvthis video game brought back so many wonderful memories as a tween/ teenager going to all of this video arcade halls throughout the city,and I am so very glad to have gotten the chance to have played all of these magnificent video arcade games and have gone to all of these video arcade halls and meeting up with a lot of people along the way.😁😁😁😁💯💯💯💯

  9. Played this on my Nintendo Switch, and got a taste of how hard it would be to play on the original arcade.

  10. Man. When quarters may as well have been bars of gold. Lol.

  11. 12:31
    Unnamed boxer: Challenge
    Glass Joe: Chandler
    Unnamed boxer: Challenge won by Chandler

  12. Doesn't Pizza Pasta return in title defense?

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