Arcade Game: Pole Position (1982 Namco/Atari) -

Arcade Game: Pole Position (1982 Namco/Atari)

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A race/driving game using a color raster-scan video display. The game action takes place at Fuji Speedway in Japan. The country around the speedway consists of green meadows, hills, and snow-capped Mt. Fuji.

This was the world’s first 16-bit arcade game as well as video game powered by a 16-bit processor. Namco was the first company to accomplish this.
Pole Position was the first driving/racing game to be based on a real circuit

Note: The infinite time cheat was used since the time for the middle of the race is too short. The atari version is slightly different than the Namco originally which begins at 6:23.


  1. This game is one of my earliest and most infuriating memories!

  2. Quick tip: you should probably shift into high gear when you are in a straightaway but shift back into low when you are turning

  3. Atari. Original vintage toys never fail, what a dandy indeed..

  4. This was the second game I ever played and I fucking hated it . Always crashed into the god damn billboards

  5. Ohhh, to think all the quarters I pump into this game!? Coulda bought the dam thing! Lol

  6. according to wikipedia Pole Position released in 1982 was the first 16 bit arcade game

  7. Fun Fact: the car's engine noise does not change even slightly when watching at 1.5x, 2x, or any other playback speed. It's trippy!

  8. Damn, no wonder my mother hated me playing video games as a kid. That car sound is incredibly annoying.

  9. Marlboro and Martini ads in a chils game. Great. Cigarrettes and wine for kids. 👍

  10. AZW512MKW (official 3 star Ninja General) hurricane andrew says:

    Freakin loved this game and the 2nd one

  11. back in the days, hearing this still amazing…sample and those arcades were magical in 1982..


  13. Go to high gear, silly! Love the video capture.

  14. I always played this in a loud arcade. I never realized how loud and annoying the sound was on its own.

  15. This sounds great on headphones, yup

  16. 40 years that long time being a gamer! Reddit!

  17. The first ever Formula 1 game I played in my life … The year was 1986 and my dad used to shift gears for me while I was stomping the pedal and steering the rudder — sweet sweet memories 😢

  18. There was a long line to get on this bad ass game

  19. This is the game that paved the way for all DRIVING VIDEO GAMES to follow after

  20. Where were you? I was greatest at this game! As kid! I was 12 when I got this game! 40 years ago!

  21. That girl waving the flag at the finish line, so dangerous!

  22. I was a master Pole Position driver, arcade and Atari versions.

  23. When we were little we used to say that Pac-Man was driving.

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