Arcade Game: Polaris (1980 Taito) -

Arcade Game: Polaris (1980 Taito)

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A submarine shooting game with similarities to space invaders.


  1. Emulaton isnt good. The sub was hit many times by missiles and nothing happend.

  2. where l can download this rom with audio because, l got thiis rom but without sound mame roms arcade game help please

  3. Same Hardware as Space Chaser and i put lot of money into this when was young – by the way notice how this ans Space Chaser have colour clash same as ZX spectrum

  4. Just listen to me for once okay; I missed the Kennedy center honors, this past Sunday and I also missed the People's choice awawds as well.

  5. I take it as if it were important to me.

  6. People came in and took it away at night many people suffered from nightmares

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