Arcade Game Pickup - Project Updates & MORE GAMES!!! -

Arcade Game Pickup – Project Updates & MORE GAMES!!!

Retro Ralph
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In this episode, we take a look at a new Arcade game pickup “Space Invaders”, and maybe a few others. There are also quite a few projects in the Garage so we will take a look at those as well!


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  1. Hey dude have you ever thought of getting a 720 and do you know how reliable they are…..✌️

  2. Never realized the original space invaders didn't have a joystick. But just 2 buttons to go left and right.

  3. got your hands full bro love the cabaret pretty rare and gorf x2 wow nice cocktail too

  4. 8:43 Tai-to is a Japanese video game company, Tay-to is what you eat with steak. ^_^

  5. Some really nice classic cabinets in decent shape, well worth restoration time. 😀 Can't say I'm tried Friction, kind of new to me despite being 10 years old now lol.
    Yeah I still don't understand why there are so many paintball video games, it's kind of like Virtual Virtual Skeeball. 😉

  6. I’ve had good luck in the past with PVC pipe cleaner to remove the sticky crap on cp’s

  7. Ralph you should get a MR. Do Cabinet or a MR DO’S castle or some of the other games that aren’t that popular….

  8. The Frogger and Space Invaders both look great! I love seeing cocktail and cabaret cabinets.

  9. Lighter fluid is the best at removing adhesive. Trust me, I’ve been where your are.

  10. Great find! I am trying to pick up an original space invaders also but losing hope since guy hasn’t gotten back to me. Working on an asteroids that needs a little work for cheap money. Love the channel!

  11. Space Invaders one of the all time greats!!!

  12. Street fighter colors are red white and blue. Also to get the glue off the control panel use clear pvc primer

  13. Yes please do a review on the T2 arcade such a great game.

  14. Ralph, Use Goof Off!! It will work I promise!!

  15. Ralph! Keep it up, got some great projects coming!
    It be really cool if you can get yourself a roadrunner board and panel!
    My regards from Argentina!

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