Arcade Game Pickup - Project Updates & MORE GAMES!!! -

Arcade Game Pickup – Project Updates & MORE GAMES!!!

Retro Ralph
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In this episode, we take a look at a new Arcade game pickup “Space Invaders”, and maybe a few others. There are also quite a few projects in the Garage so we will take a look at those as well!


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  1. So good seeing your face and hearing your voice.

    I love that Space Invaders cab. I haven't played on one since I was a kid. Thanks for showing the inside. I've never seen that before.

    Frogged is indeed a Konami game, but was licensed and distributed by Sega.

    I hope you get that cabaret cabinet done. They're not that common and it's cool to see them. I've only ever seen 3 in my entire life.

    Thanks for the vid, man. Try to stay cool and don't work too hard. 👍

  2. I think authorities would notice the heavy equipment needed to fully realize Bunkercade, however, I think TunnelCade(tm) could be something more achievable. If you're a Better Call Saul fan, think of Lalo's escape tunnel at the end of last season. Maybe not glamorous enough for Retro Ralph standards… 🙂 Fun tour!

  3. I use Klean Strip Premium Spray Stripper to strip control Panels. Usually let it sit a while and the art and the glue comes right off pretty easy with a paint scrapper.

  4. i use Thinner to remove glue from stickers , works really nice

  5. I recently bought a Space Invaders cab (full sized arcade) from a yard sale. That planet background thing is extremely warped/melted on mine. Also, the mirror is cracked, so I'll have to replace that, and it is missing the PCB. I have modded a bunch of A1UPs, but this restoration is very intimidating, but I love the mirror reflected effect on this game, I'd love to restore it, just not sure I have the time and money to do it 🙁

  6. Ralph I asked you once when you first did the video for the astros city if you would sell it to me i ask again am in yuma az i can pick it up from you if you are willing to sell . ….nice video man you rock

  7. This is what I love about you is the candidness and openness of you showing all your projects in various stages with out any fancy editing just a daily window in Ralph's world. Can't wait to see your finished projects as you finish them. I totally didn't know that about Space Invaders and I love learning little factoids like that. The T2 machine is epic and I don't think a arcade 1up can replicate the real hardware but that's another topic. Restore the Roader Runner didn't know that had a specific joystick. Can't wait to see the SF2 and Killer Instinct when they're done.

  8. Great video! So your Galaga mini or cabaret is not a Space Invaders, or at least I don't believe it is. I look at buying that cab here in AZ and I believe that by the serial number, control panel and bezel that cabinet was originally a Zarzon. I had no idea where to buy a Zarzon pcb, so I didn't pursue it. Let me know if you see something I don't with your game.

  9. Awesome video Ralph!
    You will need more space pretty soon my friend lol🤣
    One day i will find a Robocop arcade and have it in my living room for sure!

  10. GoFundMe for BunkerCade? LOL! Good luck with all of those projects! That is handful to work on a time so I don't know how you stay focused on all of those haha. I look for the Street Fighter cab finish and KI cab finish!

  11. Heat guns are best way to remove glue. Just look at what setting they recommend to remove glue. Usually low setting

  12. try silicone spray it work great on remoting adhesive

  13. Terminator 2 the arcade game is awesome love that game. Love it for snes thst I hacked onto my snes classic. Its great! Nice video.

  14. Eraser wheel with drill attachment works great for removing glue.

  15. indeed Frogger was Konami (the weirdest thing they're doing with the IP is some kinda game show?) but definitely a fun one! Loved it on Atari 2600. (as well as Space Invaders!) cool to see how all the projects are coming along!

  16. RALPH, I might very well be able to help you get that sticky goop off. Before I joined the military I worked at Lowe’s and one of my coworkers showed me a trick to get super greasy and super goopy sticky stuff off of anything and everything. Believe it or not it is a cheap tiny can citrus scented air freshener. Looks cheap, is cheap, smells good ( you might want to eat it) but t you spray that crap on an adhesive residue a few times and it will either wipe off or scrape off with ease. Wish I remember the name of the stuff but it’s in a small spray/spritz can and was orange/yellow. It works. Remember it’s an air freshener. Look at Lowe’s next time you’re there. Love your channel man, keep up the good work. If I’m ever in the area I would love to do lunch.

  17. Looking forward to seeing the outcome on these projects.
    Keep up the good work Ralph 💪

  18. Someone took care of that Frogger. Nice!

    That Space Invaders cab is a pretty timely acquisition. Jong just announced the original was coming to the iiRcade.

    I like the bunkercade idea. It would be comforting to know that these games would survive the apocalypse.

  19. Wire wheel in a cordless drill should remove the glue. Either that or JASCO Paint Stripper.

  20. I love this Vlog style Ralphy video with some updates and random information.
    Do that more often … i love it 😄

  21. Your bench looks like my bench in my Nice pick up with that Space Invaders.

  22. Space invaders has the wrong tube, it use a white UV tube. For my mates, I put one 12v strip with warm white LEDs and one strip with UV LEDs.

  23. Road Runner OEM all the way man!!! Please don't convert it to anything else for the sake of rarity in finding such a working cab.

    PS – AtGames Legends Pinball Arcade Joystick on a Galaga?!?!? Sacrilege!

  24. Loved playing Roadrunner on the arcade as a kid. First time I tried it on emulation it was nearly impossible with an 8 way stick. I think it would be cool for you to keep that cab as Roadrunner.

  25. Ralph how many more are you going to get????

  26. Where’s the bezel on the friction game???

  27. Ralph! Keep it up, got some great projects coming!
    It be really cool if you can get yourself a roadrunner board and panel!
    My regards from Argentina!

  28. Ralph, Use Goof Off!! It will work I promise!!

  29. Yes please do a review on the T2 arcade such a great game.

  30. Street fighter colors are red white and blue. Also to get the glue off the control panel use clear pvc primer

  31. Space Invaders one of the all time greats!!!

  32. Great find! I am trying to pick up an original space invaders also but losing hope since guy hasn’t gotten back to me. Working on an asteroids that needs a little work for cheap money. Love the channel!

  33. Lighter fluid is the best at removing adhesive. Trust me, I’ve been where your are.

  34. The Frogger and Space Invaders both look great! I love seeing cocktail and cabaret cabinets.

  35. Ralph you should get a MR. Do Cabinet or a MR DO’S castle or some of the other games that aren’t that popular….

  36. I’ve had good luck in the past with PVC pipe cleaner to remove the sticky crap on cp’s

  37. Some really nice classic cabinets in decent shape, well worth restoration time. 😀 Can't say I'm tried Friction, kind of new to me despite being 10 years old now lol.
    Yeah I still don't understand why there are so many paintball video games, it's kind of like Virtual Virtual Skeeball. 😉

  38. 8:43 Tai-to is a Japanese video game company, Tay-to is what you eat with steak. ^_^

  39. got your hands full bro love the cabaret pretty rare and gorf x2 wow nice cocktail too

  40. Never realized the original space invaders didn't have a joystick. But just 2 buttons to go left and right.

  41. Hey dude have you ever thought of getting a 720 and do you know how reliable they are…..✌️

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