Arcade Game: Phoenix (1980 Amstar) -

Arcade Game: Phoenix (1980 Amstar)

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A shooting game in a style of space invaders and galaxian. Also the first multi-level space shooter and also the first shooter to include bosses.


  1. Loved that game ………….thanks for the journey back to better days!

  2. You do not know how to use the force field! I… could make up to 48,000 points in this game …

  3. For those of you who don't know, this game was heavily based off of the every day life of the average person living in Phoenix, AZ

  4. The better version of Phoenix, search bei youtube "spacebirdz"

  5. Just back from Play Expo Glasgow, Scotland. UK.
    I played this to death like I did back in the 80s in Glasgow's South side.
    Until today I'd forgotten all about it. A gem of a game

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