Arcade Game: Pac-Man (1980 Namco (Midway License for US release)) -

Arcade Game: Pac-Man (1980 Namco (Midway License for US release))

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For similar game. watch Jr. Pac-Man

A all-time classic arcade game that one should like. Influenced many maze games in later years. Cheats were used in this game since the game gotten really hard as it progressed and controls did not feel right on an emulator.. I did it to show you some of the cut scenes and the items that pac-man eats. Known as puckman in Japan. Originally released by namco. License to midway for western release.


  1. I just playu the Pacman Doodle, which is the second option that appears on Internet

  2. Hey man whether you cheat or not, I always love your arcade gameplays. I mean games were meant to be play for fun and all, so yeah! Keep it up my dude your doing one hell of a job!😎👍🤗

  3. Didn't the original Pac Man arcade game have a lemon, grape, Pineapple, and watermelon as one of the fruits in the first 5 mazes? I know there was a lemon.

  4. Its oddbods' 40th aniversary. Whats wrong with you cat!

  5. I miss this game I remember playing it at the Dentist

  6. I was v much born in the 2000s but can I play this game like a champ😤

  7. this is not pac man i played when I was young in the arcade, anyone please knows the name of pac man that when you finish a stage the dot color and UI change

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