Arcade Game: Pac-Land (1984 Namco) -

Arcade Game: Pac-Land (1984 Namco)

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A side-scrolling platform/run ‘n jump game inspired by a Pac-man video game based on the cartoon show from the early 80s. You as Pac-Man must help the lost fairy get back to her home in fairyland. You must also avoid the ghosts: Pinky, Inky, Blinky, Clyde, and Sue and other ghosts from pursuing you whom populate Pac-Land. The power pills make Pac-Man invincible and able to eat the ghosts. You must complete the stages within a time limit or you will be vulnerable and being chased by ghosts. There are also fruits that Pac-Man can collect for points. When you get to the final stage which is the fairyland you are given a pair of magic shoes to help you return to your home safely. When Pac-Man reaches home safely, he will meet Ms. Pac-Man, Baby Pac-Man, Chomp Chomp the Pac-dog and Sourpuss the Pac-cat

This is the first game in the Pac-Man series departure from the maze roots going more towards platform direction. Much of the work and design has already completed for Hana-Barbara’s Pac-Man cartoon show.

The controls are only left and right and a jump button.

There are a 8 trips in the game totaling 32 levels . After the 8th trip, the 9th trip repeats the 5th trip where level 33 becomes level 17 with increased difficulty and the game is endless.

1st Trip: 2:02
2nd Trip: 5:30
3rd Trip: 8:56
4th Trip: 12:32
5th Trip: 16:08
6th Trip: 19:46
7th Trip: 23:28
8th Trip: 27:02

Note: No cheats used. Only savestates were used. The game is endless with only 32 levels. The levels start repeating at level 33 After the levels start repeating, at 31:05, various cheats were used. The level counter can only go up to 99 and level 100 becomes level 0. After this it automatically restarts all the way back to level 1 so I quit afterwards.


  1. Spitting Knowledge For Mind Elevation says:

    I just realized that Super Mario Bros rip off this game.

  2. Looks like somebody see this as seen in Super Smash Bros. (Ultimate)!

  3. He didn't know is possible to get extra points at the end of the level jumping under the roof house?

  4. So this means pack man canonically banged his wife

  5. Trying for long time to remember the name of this video game, i thought the name was Lakeland, i loved to played it for.long hours after school.

  6. A pub my dad used to take me and my brother too every now and again had this on an arcade machine in a little games room, I always felt like I was cheating when it let you choose the stage to start on, was this the first side scrolling platformer?

  7. For an arcade in 84, these are some smooth animations…

  8. What I see is that Namco never thought the player of pac man would ever find any hats around and have fun with them

  9. This reminds me of the chrom dinosaur game

  10. UtimateDBZTF&Spider-ManFan A True Pixel Artist says:


  11. My local arcade had this one… it's quite rare finding it in the wild! I loved how it played the theme from the Pac-Man cartoon.

  12. Im frustrated because he didn't jump at the break time stop to obtain the flower or the 7650 points

  13. There’s a version where pac man has just black eyes

  14. Why doesn't the player jump at the end of the level – this gave bonus points.

  15. Imagina Esse Jogo Rodar Em Um Super Nintendo

  16. You're terrible at eating ghosts!
    And you mis the jump at the end of the first break to receive the fairy

  17. Does it bother anyone else that the person playing this doesn't jump at the break time bit?

  18. yes a good game for its time based on the american cartoon. not sure but i think pc engine game was nearest to the arcade.

  19. I really don't know if this is skill or fluke or there are cheats in play. You would never get that skillful and miss all of the simple points builders in the game. Getting the ghosts in the correct order or jumping at the end of the bonus. Thanks for the video though.

  20. I had no. idea. this game existed. And now pacman2 for the snes that came out TEN years later feels lay less weird.

  21. If you like Pac-Man, try RandomPac. It has been made as faithful as possible to the original arcade version except that the mazes are created randomly (they are different every time) and it contains bonus levels. Download RandomPac from

  22. They don’t go the jump at the end of each level that scores you points… one jump at the right time nets you 7,000 score timed right at the end of every level.

  23. I barely remember seeing this at a mall arcade

  24. Anybody played this on PS3? It seems that one can simply not go pass the trampoline? I believe it must be a bug.

  25. 😀😀😀😀😀😀PAC LANT😀😀😀😀😀

  26. Oh my goodness, I absolutely loved this game in my teens!!

  27. Why the "flying Yoshi" sound effect from "Super Mario World"?

  28. Is this available on a console with these graphics and features?

  29. Kinda funny how this went from a classic arcade game to one of the most hated things by Smash fans lol

  30. Fun fact: Shigeru Miyamoto was inspired by this game to create Super Mario Bros. True story.

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