Arcade Game: Nibbler (1982 Rock-Ola) -

Arcade Game: Nibbler (1982 Rock-Ola)

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A maze game where you control Nibbler the snake to eat food around the maze. With each food you eat, Nibbler gets bigger. Complete each level by eating all the food on the screen. You lose a life if Nibbler hits his own body.

Note: Used Invincibility cheat. Due to time constraints, I finished the rest of the levels quickly by touching just one dot. The game is also endless. After 99 levels, the level starts at level 80 again.


  1. this game is like Pac-Man and Centipede fucked

  2. I played this version too, without music, i think it calls Nibblera. My pb 13.000.000 😄

  3. Isn't this missing the music? The version I have in Mame has music in each level.

  4. This game is VERY EASY…even with the increased speed…seems like an abundance of time to ALWAYS finish level. Soooooo…it is just who has the endurance to spend a couple of days playing this thing non-stop & also the knowledge about losing all your extra snakes if you go over 127(I believe). This is a game that MOST decent players would just have to walk away from…for it to end.

  5. WTF? Can't you complete a level without dying, and then all the cheats!

  6. wow turning on cheats makes this a creepy surreal horror game

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