Arcade Game: Missile Command (1980 Atari) [Re-Uploaded] -

Arcade Game: Missile Command (1980 Atari) [Re-Uploaded]

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A shooting game in an armaggedon style where you must protect the cities and bases being attack by missiles caused by war planes. Flying saucers also appears in this game.

Note: Previously Uploaded. Re-Uploaded for better quality and longer length..


  1. 設定かな。誘爆の判定甘過ぎ。あんまり上手くないのに無理やり高次面に進んでるね。あと広告多過ぎ。

  2. 誘爆がこんな簡単に起こる訳はないですね。

  3. This game has somehow been modded. The smart bombs could only be killed with a direct hit and would always avoid nearby explosions, and the missiles, planes and killer satellites are getting killed outside your missile's explosions. Plus you are getting bonus cities even after all your cities are destroyed. Cheat codes?

  4. OMG this was our favorite arcade during military duty in 1981. I remember shocking screen colours at high levels, my record was about 250000 points and I gained a Martini's bottle (shared with my camarades).

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