Arcade Game: Lupin 3 (1980 Taito) -

Arcade Game: Lupin 3 (1980 Taito)

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A maze game where you steal money bag to impress your girlfriend and avoid getting caught. Based on the Japanese Comic Book series.


  1. 3:07 click here if you just wanna hear the Lupin the third theme song

  2. Is this not the first ever game to be based off
     an anime?

  3. Oddly speaking, but games like these make me fall asleep. XD

    Great video, though. 🙂

  4. 37 years later I have finally found out why it's called Lupin 3.

  5. So, there's a new movie for this show coming out…

  6. I've seen a movie on Netflix, I know this is based on an Anime.

  7. This is pretty impressive for a game made on Space Invaders hardware!!

  8. I like how the opening for the anime playing in the most primitive way

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