Arcade Game: Lupin 3 (1980 Taito) -

Arcade Game: Lupin 3 (1980 Taito)

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A maze game where you steal money bag to impress your girlfriend and avoid getting caught. Based on the Japanese Comic Book series.


  1. I like how the opening for the anime playing in the most primitive way

  2. This is pretty impressive for a game made on Space Invaders hardware!!

  3. I've seen a movie on Netflix, I know this is based on an Anime.

  4. So, there's a new movie for this show coming out…

  5. 37 years later I have finally found out why it's called Lupin 3.

  6. Oddly speaking, but games like these make me fall asleep. XD

    Great video, though. 🙂

  7. Is this not the first ever game to be based off
     an anime?

  8. 3:07 click here if you just wanna hear the Lupin the third theme song

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