Arcade Game: Lady Bug (1981 Universal) -

Arcade Game: Lady Bug (1981 Universal)

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A maze game in a similar fashion to pac-man. In Lady Bug you guide a bug through a “Pac-Man” style maze, eating dots, and avoiding monsters. Collect letters to spell EXTRA for a bonus life (just like in “Mr. Do!”), and SPECIAL for an extra credit. The maze has rotating doors which are just enough to give the game a slightly different feel than the Pac-Man series.


  1. I loved pacman style games this was my favorite compared to pacman it wasn't popular I never seen it in arcades except when I used to go to the theater to see a movie.

  2. They never made this game on PlayStation Nintendo Xbox it would of been a success.

  3. Thankyou for uploading this video friend.
    This was the second game I ever played on a PC way back in 1992 at school.
    Where did you find a copy, or did you run it off an old machine.

  4. What kind of bugs appear in levels 4 and 7?

  5. This, Mouse Trap and Ms. Pac-Man were my favorite maze games!

  6. We have a ladybug cabaret in the cabin, and Todd's got a score going.

  7. I played this one alot also like Pac-men, and other arcade games. I loved it.

  8. I have a ms ladybug original 1981 fully working condition any help on to how much is it worth?

  9. Okay, first my heart goes bumbum and then cheat; i saw in the eighties genieuess people play this game in real.

  10. Now i can see where the brilliant c64 game Drelbs got its inspiration from.

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