Arcade Game: Lady Bug (1981 Universal) -

Arcade Game: Lady Bug (1981 Universal)

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A maze game in a similar fashion to pac-man. In Lady Bug you guide a bug through a “Pac-Man” style maze, eating dots, and avoiding monsters. Collect letters to spell EXTRA for a bonus life (just like in “Mr. Do!”), and SPECIAL for an extra credit. The maze has rotating doors which are just enough to give the game a slightly different feel than the Pac-Man series.


  1. このゲームは、ドンキーコングやリバーパトロールが流行った時代にありましたが、パックマンのパクリ的な要素、当時としては地味なゲームでしたね。ジャンプバグの方が人気あり。

  2. I used to play this at a K.O.A. campsite in Seattle. It's the only arcade game I ever played that was only 10 cents!

  3. I Just love this game, The only one I played. Can Us have a simulator for Windows? 😉

  4. i love this game … i would love to play this again … please sombody know where or what consola can i play or get this game? i know is old like me ,jejeje but i would love to play and to have it

  5. That's it. This is the game I played and I was trying to remember this game. I thought it was called Spider. Finally I found the game. I played this on the arcade decades ago.

  6. I used to play Lady Bug a lot in the shop next door. I got to the end and the Lady Bug gets married on a special screen!

  7. cheating and still nerves :P……… genius of a game!

  8. Lovely to see this here; cheers, but not eating the hearts when they're blue is just false economy.

  9. >turns on invincibility
    >still doesn't collect the letters in the proper colors

    stares at noose ponderously

  10. Use the cheat then show us special and extra at big bonus

  11. ahahahaha he put in god mode 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  12. I can't watch videos where the player is playing like crap, sorry… it's seriously unbearable.

  13. Vcs não tem o jogo Lady Bug de 1981 para baixar? Era muito fã. Jogava demais…

  14. I got the highest score on this in a Jacksonville, FL arcade. Keg and Coin. Don't remember the exact score.

  15. I'm guessing the SPECIAL is just extra points? I like ColecoVision's version of getting SPECIAL by having the vegetables randomly pop up around an empty maze.

  16. In this video, can someone explain to me how the ladybug is not dying through many of these levels when in full contact with the other insects?

  17. チートプレイはたのしいかい?

  18. Ma dove cazzo si scarica un ma è che funzioni con Xp ???

  19. Now i can see where the brilliant c64 game Drelbs got its inspiration from.

  20. Okay, first my heart goes bumbum and then cheat; i saw in the eighties genieuess people play this game in real.

  21. I have a ms ladybug original 1981 fully working condition any help on to how much is it worth?

  22. I played this one alot also like Pac-men, and other arcade games. I loved it.

  23. We have a ladybug cabaret in the cabin, and Todd's got a score going.

  24. This, Mouse Trap and Ms. Pac-Man were my favorite maze games!

  25. What kind of bugs appear in levels 4 and 7?

  26. Thankyou for uploading this video friend.
    This was the second game I ever played on a PC way back in 1992 at school.
    Where did you find a copy, or did you run it off an old machine.

  27. They never made this game on PlayStation Nintendo Xbox it would of been a success.

  28. I loved pacman style games this was my favorite compared to pacman it wasn't popular I never seen it in arcades except when I used to go to the theater to see a movie.

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