Arcade Game: Kangaroo (1982 Sun Electronics) -

Arcade Game: Kangaroo (1982 Sun Electronics)

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A platform/run and jump game where you play as kangaroo who must climb and rescue it’s captured baby kangaroo. Numerous monkeys, the kidnappers of her child, roam the levels set on stopping the player’s progress. The monkeys constantly throw apples at the Kangaroo which must either be avoided (either by ducking or jumping, depending on the height of the approaching apple), or punched away, the latter of which allows the Kangaroo to punch the apple back towards the attacking monkey.
If the player stalls for too long or does not punch either an apple or a monkey, a giant ape will appear and steal the Kangaroo’s boxing gloves, leaving the player temporarily defenseless. The gloves are returned after a short time.
Fruit and vegetables litter the levels and can be picked up for bonus points. Each level also has a bell hanging from one of its platforms, which can be punched to make fruit and vegetable items appear. The game consists of 4 different stages, once these are completed the game begins again with an increased level of difficulty.

Note: Used Invincibility cheat. The game is endless so I killed myself afterwards.


  1. I always thought this was one of the coolest arcade games ever, even though I only ever played the game once. Most arcades I went to back in the day hardly ever had this game. They had all the usual suspects — Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Space Invaders, etc. — but not Kangaroo.

  2. I own this on my 5200 now if I can find controllers that don't break I can play it again. I have Popeye also and love both!

  3. I wanna see a punch out! game with this kangaroo make it happen pleaseeeeee

  4. If I had that cheat code I would go back get all my fruit on every stage to run my score up

  5. La melodía suena parecida a la del primel nivel de Circus Charlie de famicom nes

  6. Its like a crossover of Donkey Kong, Circus Charlie, and Tapper

  7. It's a crying shame Kangaroo hasn't made a comeback.

  8. One of my favorite arcades from the early 80s. It’s hard to find this arcade nowadays

  9. The big ape wearing gloves wasnt on the home game?

  10. These games are way better than the ones now with 3D graphics

  11. Bizarrement, ce jeu fonctionne mieux avec les vieilles versions de MAME. Ici, on le voit que l'image a des ratées

  12. Man oh man does this bring back memories. One of the few video games that I could get the high score on.

  13. Like this comment if you heard about the Saturday Supercade cartoon before you heard about the game.

  14. I played this game at arcade club in Leeds yesterday. It didn’t play any music on that version I played other than just simple hopping sounds and this was the original arcade version I play. All other sound effect such as the ringing chime when you hit the bell and monkeys are still there just like in this video.

  15. For me it was King Arthur's Pizza in Temple City, CA in the hey day of great pizza parlors. I would eat a slice of pizza and spend the rest of the time playing this game. Truly a classic.

  16. Is this available anywhere? No one could beat me in this game back in the day. Always played at the local pharmacy/store

  17. HAMSTER should get permission to publish this to Switch and PS4 as a Arcade Archives title. that be cool.

  18. This game was so hard to me back then. I never had any idea there were so many levels. O__O

  19. Never heard of this game, it looks really fun and creative!

  20. I remember this being at a local convenience store growing up. I was really bad at it.

  21. How do you find such good old games like "Monster Bash", "Congo Bongo", "Zexxon", "Jungle Hunt" and "Kangaroo" ANYWHERE these days?

  22. I was nineteen back then.. I really enjoyed the scenario, the graphics, the sound, the atmosphere of this game

  23. so after 4 and a half minutes, you just thought… fuckit ill cheat

  24. Boxing kangaroos and gorillas on tree limbs? I think whoever designed this game was smoking some of the funny stuff.

  25. Its just been ann ouced that its being ported to Nintendo,s Switch & the PS4 under Hamsters Arcade Archives?

  26. Such a cute little game, it brings a smile to my face.

  27. I can't believe they made this a cartoon

  28. I bought this on Switch because I love kangaroos

  29. I always wondered what that baby kangaroo says when he finds his mommy. Today I found out: "ママ!" means "mama!"

  30. The big ape takes your boxing gloves away if he hits you, and you can’t punch for about 10 secs. You see kangaroo put up a white flag in this video if you try to punch during that time.

    Try avoiding the big ape or sneak up behind him and punch him.

  31. 1:34 sounds like tapper, put this at 0.5 speed and that sounds like tapper

  32. Couldn’t beat the third level, so you turned on the cheat mode. 😂

  33. I have seen some shitty Kangaroo players before but this… this…

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