Arcade Game: Eyes (1982 Digitrex Techstar (Rock-ola license)) -

Arcade Game: Eyes (1982 Digitrex Techstar (Rock-ola license))

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A maze/shooting game where you are an eye travelling through a maze shooting dots to advance to next level while computer eyes try to shoot you. Shoot computer eyes before they get you.

Note: Used Invincibility Cheat after I’m down to last life.


  1. This game inspired eyes the horror game

  2. Nosotros Los Lobos Estamos Regresando says:

    One of the weirdest video games ever seen…

  3. OMG, more than 32 years. I was 7 years old when I used to play this awesome game, I use to complete the game with only one coin. I memorized all the routes. I remember grownups watching me play and going crazy. :p

  4. Is this using a cheat? I can see lots of hits which just go through without killing the player.

  5. Fantastic. Is there a ROM from Digitrex Techstar?

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