Arcade Game: Defender (1980 Williams) [Re-Uploaded] -

Arcade Game: Defender (1980 Williams) [Re-Uploaded]

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A flying horizontal shooting game where you must protect humans from alien abduction before the planet’s surface will explode. Along with pac-man, it’s nne of the highest grossing arcade games of all times.

Note: Previously Uploaded. Re-Uploaded for better quality.


  1. Best thing about this game has always been the sound effects. it was mind blowing in 1980 and, after all these years it still is. The coolest sounding Arcade game of all-time.

  2. You've enabled some cheat so that you're immune to bullets and when you crash into enemies they just explode?

  3. "A flying horizontal shooting game where you must protect humans from alien abduction before the planet's surface will explode." Maybe they were trying to save them from the impending doom.

  4. This is retarded you’re not even good without cheating

  5. I have one sitting in my living room right now. I bought it in 1984 for 175 bucks. I think it's worth a little more than that now.

  6. I always hated the little swarmers. "hee hee hee! hee hee hee hee!"

  7. GG przekręciłem licznik na tym ponad milion punktów ,cosmos UFO bomby , grywalność 💯 procent

  8. Pity this guy doesn't know how to play the game and worse to use cheats only highlights his own ineptitude. Watching a master is the only way to appreciate it's true complexity.

  9. As a former Defender obsessive, this gamer shows a remarkable lack of skill – killing humans being lifted, using smart bombs when entirely unnecessary, hitting swarmer pods and running through the swarm, the last thing you'd do as you'd die on the spot – and runs continuously into missiles, landers, bombers, swarmers, baiters which would finish him off on the spot, so is cheating. Baiter skills are the hardest to learn – but you learn to let it fly past you on the horizontal and take it out with, when proficient, a single burst. This is a real game of skill, for anyone who invested enough cash to master it – and its unique controls – back in the 80s. I haven't played for almost 30 years, but I could teach this player a thing or two within just a few seconds of getting back on those controls.

  10. Defender was one of the easiest yet funnest games to master back then. I think the last time I played defender was in 87 and I played from 8 am at the pool until 1 pm when my shift started as a lifeguard. Gave the remaining men to some kids who kept playing for quite awhile. I don't remember touching it after that.

  11. As soon as he didnt get 10k of the first wave and lost pods I knew he was crap. I could clock defender and it took a good 8 hours. Youd have a mate who could also clock it and he'd give you a break. On the last wave anything you killed gave you a free man and smart bomb and when you finally clocked it the machine went nuts. Gwwwwa gwwwa gwwwa, you know what i mean. Each thing in the game had its own way of being taken but the magic happened when you had heaps of them on screen and you were slipping between them all. We used to wait until there were seven or eight baiters before taking them out.

  12. How yo configured controles internos mame

  13. I got 3 400 000 on my Midway Arcade Origins collection on Xbox360. Who got more?

  14. Wheres the challenge with cheating ?
    It doesnt raise your skill level at all.

  15. This game featured an article in TIME magazine when it first came out, where the writer commented that a newbie had as much chance at flying an F11 jet as they had at getting to the 2nd level of Defender. Could not stop playing it…

  16. This game was the heart of the arcade, it brings back memories of old cigarette smells, bubblegum stained carpets, and kids hanging off the sides of the cabinet with their 10p sat on the console waiting for you to die so they could get a go.

  17. Best thing was the recessed power toggle under the coin box. Reset scores!

  18. Why did it have two different names was it star gate or defender

  19. Just when I thought games couldn't get more complicated, Stargate comes out the following year!

  20. After all of these years, this game is still awesome!!! This is definitely one of my favorite video games of all time. Thank you.

  21. Parece que a jakeado el juego, nada lo destruye al chico.

  22. Stargate was the sequel game to Defender but Defender is still awesome.
    And don't forget the almighty… Gravitar. Another great game.👍

  23. N Y O O I O U W M M M M M M


  24. I wished this defender game have one in switch eshop so i can download to play…😁😭

  25. The Williams classics from the Golden Age of video games are timeless. More than 40 years on, Defender is still recognized as a milestone of game design. Aspiring game designers should study these Williams games and try to distill the thought processes that led to them. Robotron happens to be my favorite of them all, but I also thought Defender was incredible too.

  26. 何年たっても、カックイイ……。♪

  27. As an 80's kid (I was born in 1979) This was the first game I have ever played on the Atari 2600. This game is the not only my favorite game, but it kick started my enjoyment in playing videogames today 😁

  28. I could play gyrus until I clocked the score, would sit on xevious for a hour with a single game, but this game stumped me no end.

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