Arcade Game: Crossbow (1983 Exidy) [Re-Uploaded] -

Arcade Game: Crossbow (1983 Exidy) [Re-Uploaded]

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A lightgun shooting ’em up game with a dungeons and dragons feel about it. Features good speech and screams with colorful 2D graphics.


  1. This game is worthy of Hall of fame status for sure! This was always a fun game to play, but I remember many times you would aim for one place and it would shoot somewhere else. As these games were used more and more it was hard to find a machine that shot accurately. The village scene at 3:55 you could shoot out the lights and it would get dark out. You could also shoot the fire out at 12:32 and it would get dark. Cheyenne was another awesome game similar in style.

  2. thank you for re-uploading these at 60fps!  😀

  3. Barcade in Manhattan has one of these. For what its worth.

  4. Why Exidy love to make boringest games?

  5. The way to fight the master is to shoot out the right eye before the left.

  6. If you look, your initial "friends" seem to be a balanced D&D party: a fighter (the woman), a bard or possibly ranger (the guy in green), a cleric (the robe guy), a dwarf of some unknown class, and a barbarian.

    Which means you're probably playing a rogue.

  7. What the heck is the white thing that makes the 'sproinging' sound in the desert stage?

  8. The sound is great in this game, real attention getter at the arcade.  This game is SUPER cheap when it comes to playing fair and it was designed to swallow quarters at an ENORMOUS rate.

  9. One of those old arcade games that scared the shit out of me as a kid.

  10. i loved this game in the arcade. way harder when u dont have turbo though. need a damn seizure warning on this vid

  11. I love this.the memories of the arcade've got some cool friends

  12. Just curious, what are you using to shoot?

  13. During the town level it is fun to shoot out the streetlights. But it does darken the screen and make the game a little harder.

  14. The volcano level is the hardest, in my opinion, but it's possible to skip it on every level by taking the right path. I don't remember now which colors to shoot at each time, but I think you want to go desert, cave, castle, then secret room. When I played this game I remember going through the jungle a lot so maybe that's part of the pattern too.

  15. the fireballs R a pain in the village. I like when those elves say "CURSE U!"

  16. The eye was always my favorite target. I prioritized it often to the detriment of my friends just to hear the satisfying "Hur hur hur… BLAGGGHHH." Oh, and ALWAYS wait to shoot the monkey AFTER it grabs the toucan.

  17. I remember beating this game at the Circle K was one of my proudest moments as a kid.

  18. Oh my god! I remember that damned laugh from when the floating eyeball appears. That specific memory popped up every so often since 1983, but I couldn't recall where it came from. My search is finally over!

  19. It has always pissed me off how despite all the dangers, your friends walk so fucking slow. If I was in the middle of a volcanic eruption I would be running like hell!

  20. The only way to defeat the boss at the end is to commit. Shoot both eyes left to right horizontal and level as you can as fast as you can.

  21. I saw some of the villians in the town level. I guess they thought ducks were evil in medieval times.

  22. Growing up, these were key games with my friends and I. Seeing that crossbow you'd pluck in the coins get yourself situated behind a real life size crossbow! (or close to it!) and it felt soo cool! boom! heck yeah these games rock. I still remember these sounds as if i heard them yesterday. Sadly my buddy Doug passed away i used to go to arcades with growing up… 50 years old. take care of your bodies people , trust me. Hang in there! RIP DUG (That was his arcade input when he had high score) <3

  23. Funny thing was i hated this game ,but i loved cheyenne which is basically the same thing

  24. I used to play this all the time and it's amazing how much better I seemed to remember it looked. haha

  25. i am hearing cartmann from south park when he kills vultures.

  26. Ah, I remember this at Aladdin Castle in Oakridge Mall San Jose!

  27. Great video. If only there weren't so many distracting ads.

  28. I always hated that damn eye and it's laugh. I always made sure that I blasted it!

  29. 2:10 there is the sound; i like to play this game so much, great. The best bonus was the eye, hahahaaa..5000. yeah.

  30. 4:49
    …does the wizard that gets shot off the roof say "fuck you" when killed?

  31. Please release this version or better onto PC or Ps4

  32. Best game ever. Dragon’s Lair was second only to this game.

  33. I was getting so amused over the noise, this machine made. It would be great if; the person who's playing this VG (video game), kept all of his/her friends from getting killed in action.

  34. One total stranger comment Ed about this VG (video game) saying that; "I like how the way his face/the evil overlord's face rots to a 💀 skull.

  35. As a matter of fact; I've seen one 'You Tube' video title that says this, on the 'You Tube' video playlist. The world's hardest video game ever no mistakes.

  36. Oh yeah; make Peter Noone laugh, make Simon Cowell laugh, make David Letterman laugh.

  37. It took me years to find out what this game was called. I described it and drew a picture of the volcano bridge level and someone on /v/ finally knew what it was. I played it as a little kid in the late 80s early 90s.

  38. Salute this game is a hidden arcade gem!!

  39. Played this at Clark AFB a lot. During lunch with my M-16 on my shoulder lol

  40. I knew the guy that did the audio for this game. That's his voice. "You will die!"

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