Arcade Game: Crossbow (1983 Exidy) [Re-Uploaded] -

Arcade Game: Crossbow (1983 Exidy) [Re-Uploaded]

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A lightgun shooting ’em up game with a dungeons and dragons feel about it. Features good speech and screams with colorful 2D graphics.


  1. This game is worthy of Hall of fame status for sure! This was always a fun game to play, but I remember many times you would aim for one place and it would shoot somewhere else. As these games were used more and more it was hard to find a machine that shot accurately. The village scene at 3:55 you could shoot out the lights and it would get dark out. You could also shoot the fire out at 12:32 and it would get dark. Cheyenne was another awesome game similar in style.

  2. I knew the guy that did the audio for this game. That's his voice. "You will die!"

  3. Played this at Clark AFB a lot. During lunch with my M-16 on my shoulder lol

  4. Salute this game is a hidden arcade gem!!

  5. It took me years to find out what this game was called. I described it and drew a picture of the volcano bridge level and someone on /v/ finally knew what it was. I played it as a little kid in the late 80s early 90s.

  6. Oh yeah; make Peter Noone laugh, make Simon Cowell laugh, make David Letterman laugh.

  7. As a matter of fact; I've seen one 'You Tube' video title that says this, on the 'You Tube' video playlist. The world's hardest video game ever no mistakes.

  8. One total stranger comment Ed about this VG (video game) saying that; "I like how the way his face/the evil overlord's face rots to a 💀 skull.

  9. I was getting so amused over the noise, this machine made. It would be great if; the person who's playing this VG (video game), kept all of his/her friends from getting killed in action.

  10. Best game ever. Dragon’s Lair was second only to this game.

  11. Please release this version or better onto PC or Ps4

  12. 4:49
    …does the wizard that gets shot off the roof say "fuck you" when killed?

  13. 2:10 there is the sound; i like to play this game so much, great. The best bonus was the eye, hahahaaa..5000. yeah.

  14. I always hated that damn eye and it's laugh. I always made sure that I blasted it!

  15. Great video. If only there weren't so many distracting ads.

  16. Ah, I remember this at Aladdin Castle in Oakridge Mall San Jose!

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