Arcade Game: Cheyenne (1984 Exidy) -

Arcade Game: Cheyenne (1984 Exidy)

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A Light gun shooting game set in western places. You use a light gun to escort the sheriff through a variety of dangers, gathering bounty for capturing criminals.The 7 levels are: Saloon, Graveyard, Ghost Town, Canyon/Hills, Stagecoach (riding wagons), Forest, and Old Mines. It even includes a bonus round. After 7 levels, the game is restarted from the first. The game is endless.

Graphics are very similar to Crossbow.

Note: Used infinite lives cheat after down to last life.


  1. What exactly does Buster DO here? What's his role in this operation?

  2. Another cool light gun game from Exidy, like Crossbow.

  3. How's the charm of the graphics on these olds games? The cemetery and the woods. Awesome.

  4. Buster Badshot is my favorite western legend.

  5. I've always wondered… Does anyone know what that weird silhouette that appears next to the batwing doors on the saloon levels? Usually right after you get charged by a buffalo.

  6. wtf does buster have an M-16 on full auto???

  7. 5 minutes in and still waiting for it to start.

  8. Machine gun mode? Sure wasn't that way back in the 80s arcades. Where's the challenge in that?

  9. does he uses django's machine gun as his primary weapon?

  10. Whoever programmed this game has a great sense of humor, not just the sound effects but the gangster names! LOL

  11. What’s the name of that piece of music that plays before each stage? Dun-dun-dun-dun-DUN-dun.

  12. I played this for a few rounds at a local arcade that recently opened up near where I am, and I've got to say this game is way harder than it looks; mainly because of the light gun mounted on the machine is hard to aim properly with and the screen being farther away then what I'm used to with other light gun games, but if I get enough practice I'm sure I'd get good at it; other then that, based off this video the game's got pretty standard graphics for the time with some rather impressive sound for the time as well, as well as an average amount of game time overall for a light gun game.

  13. This was never machine gun fire in the arcades.

  14. If you have photo sensitive epilepsy avoid like the plague

  15. That piano music is like nostalgia electrodes on my head. Also never stop laughing at the bull turning into a burger when you shot it. I was never any good at this game, but I never forgot it, that's for sure.

  16. This game is too politically incorrect to be made today.

  17. I missed games like that. To hold a weapon and shoot fast to save somebody, cool. Why he shoot to much? It makes no sense. And no fun. this is not Vietnam.

  18. elevator, cheyenne, choflitter, galaga, 1942, arkanoid, repulse , kung fu master; my favorites games

  19. My Favorite Arcade game of all time.
    Would have been alot easier with a machine gun.

  20. In my book Exidy made the best cult classic light gun shooters. Totally thought outside of the box, every game was an experience. More platforms should've carried their stuff . Salute Fam!!

  21. Things I learned from playing this game:

    1. Buster can be killed by birds, eggs dropped out of the sky, tree branches in a creek, and a very aggressive skunk.

    2. The bad guys only shoot one bullet at a time.

    3. When you destroy a skeleton, it will scream.

    4. It's quite normal for bulls to charge into a saloon with the intent to kill you.

    5. Buster can drive a stagecoach without holding onto the reigns.

    6. Buster's horse is evidently bulletproof.

    7. You can shoot the piano player all you want, but he will never die.

    8. Why shoot the piano player anyway?

    9. The bad guy throwing random chairs from backstage is a coward.

    10. Cannons on a cliff can be fired without reloading.

    11. When you shoot a female baddie, they will simply say "oh dear".

    12. You can kill a ghost simply by shooting it.

    13. A shovel can be a lethal weapon if thrown slowly, with just the right amount of spin.

    14. The smartest place to hide behind during a shoot out, is a wagon full of dynomite.

    15. In addition to bad guys, ghosts, and a drunk guy who keeps climbing out of an open grave, the cemetary cat can also kill Buster.

    16. Buster seriously needs to consider moving to another town…Everyone including God's creatures are dead-set on killing him. Why does everyone hate Buster this much that they want him dead?

  22. I remember when this game first showed up in the arcade. It was really a impressive machine. This was the first game I can remember where you actually held a weapon and it shot a invisible light beam. At the time this was really futuristic. Cheyenne was a great game and one that took a lot of my meager allowance money. After playing this game so many times I was very good at it, but it gets so hard there is no way to win. I would consider it easily one of the best arcade games of all time. I do remember another game with two full size shot guns that was very large. There was a movie screen in the back ground and you would shot disks that came out of the weeds. Those shot light beams as well but you could actually see the light as you shot. Not sure if that came after or before Cheyenne but it was a impressive game.

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