Arcade Game: Berzerk (1980 Stern) -

Arcade Game: Berzerk (1980 Stern)

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A Maze Shooting Game where you controls the ‘Humanoid’ (colored green for player 1 and purple for player 2) and must negotiate a number of robot-filled rooms; each with up to as many as eleven, laser-firing enemy robots. The Humanoid can be killed either by a single shot from a robot, by running into a robot, by running into a wall of the maze, or by being touched by the player’s nemesis, ‘Evil Otto’.

To advance through the game, players must fight their way through each room to an opening at one of the far walls. Each robot destroyed is worth 50 points and while it’s possible to progress without killing every robot in each room; destroying all of them will earn the player a per-maze bonus (worth ten points per robot). The game has an impressive 64,000 mazes, with each level designed to be more difficult than the last. The game crashes after 64,000 levels.

However, I found a link from someone playing up to 64,000 levels and reached a kill screen. If anyone is interested, you may watch below.


  1. Berzerk! Gorf! Scramble! Those were the days! Loved them. I was wondering why he was getting shot all the time but not dying. Then I read in the comments that the MAME emulator has a cheat file you can use. That's naughty. Takes the fun out of it.

  2. I was so addicted to this game as a if my all time favorite Atari Classics!

  3. Me playing this in the arcade circa 1982 🤣🤣🤣 this was state of the art tech back then

  4. i remember that in version of this game for atari console you could steer the man towards the wall behind which was one or more robots and just start shooting into the wall and all robots will approach it and die.

  5. I was lucky enough to have experienced the golden age of arcade games

  6. OMG I spent enough quarters on this game that I could buy one.

  7. Huh, turning on the invincibility cheat also made the robots mostly invincible to everything but the humanoid's shot. They shouldn't be able to walk through walls or each other. (When playing the right way, tricking them into killing each other or running into walls is part of the game's strategy)

  8. Ah yes the Billie Mitchell High Score method.


    "Good luck bitch! I'm using the cheat code!!

  10. I was the kid who shot at evil otto..he blew up..and the game shorted out..what a jip!!…lmao

  11. Whatever happened to the humanoid? Was he got or was he shot?

  12. Can someone tell me where I can download the arcade version of this game? All the downloads I found are for the Atari version.

  13. Wow, just realized how similar this game is to Hotline Miami. lol

  14. Advertising people are morons. Shoving an ad into the middle of this video isn't going to sell anything, no matter the product.

  15. It sounds crazy but these 40 year old digitized speech sounds still sound fresh and new to me! Great game.

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