Arcade Game: 1942 (1984 Capcom) -

Arcade Game: 1942 (1984 Capcom)

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A vertically scrolling shooting ’em up set in the Asian theater of World War II. The goal to reach Okinawa and destroy the entire Japanese Air Fleet. You as a player pilot a plane and destroy enemy planes. You can also do loop to loops to avoid enemy fire.

Stage names :
Stages 32-29 : Midway
Stages 28-25 : Marshall
Stages 24-21 : Attu
Stages 20-17 : Rabaul
Stages 16-13 : Leyte
Stages 12-09 : Saipan
Stages 08-05 : Iwojima
Stages 04-01 : Okinawa

No cheats used. Only savestates used.


  1. This game was at my local arcade 1988, with Shinobi, Rygar, Ghosts and Goblins.
    My local hang out after school.

    As a 8 year old, my dad would say not to waste my pocket money on video games. 😂

  2. Yo I Love This Game In Fact I’m Going Back In Time Just To Play This Game Again

  3. I remember playing this as a kid at the steak shop by my house … PA

  4. love the sounds from this game they are just to funny

  5. Props to capcom for making a game about an American plane at the battle of midway

  6. Gotta love planes that can fly backwards no ?lol

  7. Eu gazeava aula para ir jogar 1942.😂

  8. im attempting twin galaxies record on this in march…it has been there since 2006

  9. The only arcade game I ever completed! What a blast from the past.

  10. My old memory remains…. Really famous game during 80s…

  11. I remember the arcade version I played was harder than this one, at least in South America, this version is very easy.

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