Arcade Game: 1942 (1984 Capcom) -

Arcade Game: 1942 (1984 Capcom)

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A vertically scrolling shooting ’em up set in the Asian theater of World War II. The goal to reach Okinawa and destroy the entire Japanese Air Fleet. You as a player pilot a plane and destroy enemy planes. You can also do loop to loops to avoid enemy fire.

Stage names :
Stages 32-29 : Midway
Stages 28-25 : Marshall
Stages 24-21 : Attu
Stages 20-17 : Rabaul
Stages 16-13 : Leyte
Stages 12-09 : Saipan
Stages 08-05 : Iwojima
Stages 04-01 : Okinawa

No cheats used. Only savestates used.


  1. This is much better than the NES version, because it was one of the very first Capcom games released on the NES in late 1986 and it was really bad, because Micronics developed the port, and Capcom published it.

  2. Plus I remember beating this in an arcade as a kid with one quarter. There was a huge plane you had to fight at the end, and it doesn't come out here in this version.

  3. Took him 2 minutes and 29 seconds to insert a coin and push start…..The hell?

  4. I remember the arcade version I played was harder than this one, at least in South America, this version is very easy.

  5. My old memory remains…. Really famous game during 80s…

  6. The only arcade game I ever completed! What a blast from the past.

  7. im attempting twin galaxies record on this in march…it has been there since 2006

  8. Eu gazeava aula para ir jogar 1942.😂

  9. Gotta love planes that can fly backwards no ?lol

  10. Props to capcom for making a game about an American plane at the battle of midway

  11. love the sounds from this game they are just to funny

  12. I remember playing this as a kid at the steak shop by my house … PA

  13. Yo I Love This Game In Fact I’m Going Back In Time Just To Play This Game Again

  14. This game was at my local arcade 1988, with Shinobi, Rygar, Ghosts and Goblins.
    My local hang out after school.

    As a 8 year old, my dad would say not to waste my pocket money on video games. 😂

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