Arcade Classics Defender is NOT DEFENDER! | GenX Arcade Game Review -

Arcade Classics Defender is NOT DEFENDER! | GenX Arcade Game Review

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The second of Basic Fun’s 2020 line of Arcade Classics is Defender. Or is it? Something is very wrong with this tabletop mini arcade release, and Jon runs it down in this review.

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  1. I just seen it just now at my local Walmart and thank God I didn't buy it. Thanks for the review! Now I know better.

  2. Are we just not going to talk about the Mike Tyson's Punch-Out music that plays when you start the game and after you complete a stage?

  3. Thank you for confirming my suspicions about the opening music being from Punch Out! If I'm right that music at least the 1st part is Von Kaiser's music from Punch Out!

  4. Did you take this one apart to see if Joust was inside like the earlier video?

  5. Thanks for the vid. I saw one at Walmart for $20 and was tempted. If I come across one for $10 or less, I may just go ahead and get it. It would still look cool next to the others I have and I really wouldn't play it anyway.

  6. I'm an arcade classic fan as well, and I think this goof is pretty criminal. Hopefully they'll own up and fix it.

  7. At my local Walmart while all the others are 20 bucks DEFENDER/STARGATE is now 18 bucks.

  8. Maybe that’s why I got mine for ten dollars less but defender or not,I really liked it

  9. My Hyperspace button doesn't work either…..

  10. It's defender 2 nes… the lamest version of defender ever created. No intense humanoid defence.

  11. I would love it if they made a arcade collection of wwf superstars, wwf wrestlefest, and wwf WrestleMania the arcade game. 🙂

  12. Who wants to play with tiny buttons looking at a tiny screen??

  13. Hey, you like Portal! I saw those Pop figures. I'm a fan of Portal as well.

  14. Gen X another great vid. Thanks as always, I was in Wally world and saw this unit and I caught that it was back to nes on a chip, so I skipped it. BTW took your advice to heart ty bro, and new vid they might make you laugh it's called gen x and baby boomers gamers vs (D.A.M dumb ass millennials) thank the Lord for Numskull Quarter arcades and arcade 1up(a lil) lol

  15. It wasn't the NES rom. It's worse. It's the Atari rom.

  16. Maybe make some custom Stargate labels? BTW, The original Stargate cabinet says "DEFENDER" above the title, "STARGATE"

  17. 6:22 maybe hold the joystick in the direction you want to move while holding fire?

  18. The NES Defender II is NOT Stargate. There were a whole lot of things in Stargate that are not in Defender II. I know this because I got 10,000,000 in Stargate one night, I own an arcade Stargate (And a Defender) and I have a copy of Defender II. Honestly, I think that the reason they did this is because they simply don't have room for all of the buttons. The Stargate/Defender setup uses a 2-direction joystick (Up and Down only), a reverse button, Thrust, fire, smart bomb, inviso, and Hyperspace. By using the Defender II ROM, they're taking advantage of the NES version layout with the D-Pad, Fire, Start, and smartbomb. The Hyperspace omission is unforgivable. You're right that we deserve better, but this is likely the reason they did it. They just couldn't make a device with all of those functions playable on a cabinet that small. They wanted to sell a Defender game, and here we are…

  19. Thanks for the heads up. Stargate is a good game but if the package promises defender the game should be defender.

  20. I noticed when you tried hyperspace you never pressed any other button or use the joystick… Is it possible that hyperspace requires you to hold the fire button and then move a direction or press the smart bomb button? Also is it possible that the labeling is wrong and that you were supposed to hold down the smart bomb button?

  21. If joust have defender on the board
    What about defender having joust on the board

  22. The reason why is because Defender never released on the NES. Stargate did, under the name Defender II, and it's also called that in Midway Arcade Treasures.

  23. Why would anyone own these? Tiny screen. Bad controls. Fake roms. Junk.

  24. But… Stargate is better than Defender! 😉

  25. It starts off as Punch Out and then phases into Star Wars? What?

  26. Fun fact: Stargate was released for Atari 2600 as both Stargate and Defender II.

  27. i'd much rather take an nes on a chip over the first two arcade classics which were both lcd games with black and white screens

  28. i found out the original top of the screen was green not orange

  29. great video i was going to get one i loved defender in the early 1980s and i would love to have one of my own to play can you tell me if they make a classic defender thanks

  30. Great video. Thanks for posting this. Have a nice day.

  31. Midway classic arcade Defender does not look like Stargate I got it from Alaska Three Bears

  32. A bit late to the party, but just wanted to mention that Defender II on the NES doesn't have Hyperspace or Inviso. The Stargate also functions differently in that it always sends the player to the opposite side of the planet (as far away from the Stargate as possible) instead of sending them to a human that needs rescue as in the arcade game. If that's how this Arcade Classic works then it's just running the NES ROM. Not sure why they put Hyperspace on the label though…it's not part of the NES game. Maybe they had different plans and somehow ended up doing this instead.

  33. I would have loved having inviso
    I would not buy it anyway if it was labelled stargate. No hyperspace and inviso is a waste of time.

    If the board had pads for those buttons and all I had to do was hack 2 buttons on, that would change my mind.

  34. There's more to it than this, unfortunately. It's not even an accurate port of Stargate; I'm pretty sure you can't pick up multiple humanoids and send them through the warp for a bonus.

  35. Hyper Space button does not work? You sure this isn't Star Wars?

  36. I can’t stop watching these videos. I own several of these mini arcade machines and it’s fun to watch these videos to see which one to buy next. These little machines bring back so much nostalgia. Thank you for being awesome, and keep being cool.

  37. Games I would like to see ….. defender (Is it out anywhere?) scramble (just because I could make 10p last all day while nicking off school) and a 2 star wars games one where you blew up the death star and the one that came after empire strikes back…

  38. "Defender Stargate" was the sequel to "Defender" and thus is "Defender 2"…so it is still wrong, this should have been called either "Stargate" or "Defender Stargate" or "Defender 2" but not "Defender."

  39. I was just about to buy this on ebay for 43$ CAD (upto 55$ +)… those bastards!
    Glad I found your channel 🙂

  40. I'm gonna buy this anyway because I was such a fan of both games years ago, still am, but this is total false advertising as far as what you're actually getting. it would have been a lot
    better to have both games in one cab., if possible, that would have been too cool. The other thing is Stargate vs. Defender requires different strategies and approaches to master,
    Defender was difficult enough, but Stargate was a whole other thing, really. So it's not fair on any level to mis-market this. At least it looks playable, the cabinet is cool,
    and the graphics and port per se, look well done.

  41. Was it the right game in the wrong box or the wrong game in the right box .hmmmm 🕵️

  42. Hey. Did you know that there exist a defender mini arcade that is actually defender?

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