Arcade - Centipede 1980 (HD) -

Arcade – Centipede 1980 (HD)

Klaus Scholz
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Centipede ein Arcade Game aus dem Jahre 1980.

Gespielt auf dem MAME64 Arcade Emulator.

Wie alles begann !


  1. This was my mom's favorite game when she was little

  2. There is a NES port of the game called Millipede, and it functions just like this game.

  3. I felt high just listening to the sounds again! I remember going to Richways I think it was then, nowTarget and smelling the popcorn and my mom would give me several dollars worth of quarters to play Centipede or Pac Man while she shopped. I think Centipede will be the one game that always will stand out as my favorite!

  4. Who went and checked this out after they watch pixels?

  5. I didn't know about Centipede unless I watched Pixels

  6. Me n my sister and our friends would spend hours playing this game a several others.

    Of course after a few hours my mom would turn off the game and kick us outside.

  7. Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.

  8. This game is somewhat easy for me, I can breeze through three to five levels with almost no problems

  9. Interesting fact, this was one of the first video games co-programmed by a woman.

  10. I felt like you knew all my moves haha! My son and I were talking about the game so I decided to show him an example. Thanks for posting this. Fun start to the morning!

  11. Anyone remember the game 'Joust'? You rode on flying camels, skidding around between flights. Headtrip.

  12. 40th Anniversary of Atari's Centipede (1980-2020)

  13. I am addicted to it now. Hubby bought an arcade

  14. Dam I need this games I remember getting them high scores with my friends

  15. Ahh, before corona hit the world to hell and back me and my dad went to this arcade when I was 15 called flashback games and he introduced me to this addictive lil game aside from galiga this is definitely one of my favorites and it always reminds me of that arcade. Corona unfortunately killed that cool arcade, I met a lot of intresting people there to so I'll miss that lil arcade

  16. Centipede, Berzerk, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Pac Man, Kaboom, & Defender! Our era was better than any other era. There is no debate.

  17. I remember back in the late 90's early 00's the older kids played this in daycare. This game and asteroids. Some of us had gameboys. Other people played uno, yugioh, monopoly.


  19. this game was so loud. loved it all cranked and super bassy EDIT also super neon and fast

  20. It was always a toss up, do I drink my slurpee or play another game of centipede? I let the sun decide cause it was a long bike ride home.

  21. The EPITOME of an arcade classic! I almost feel as if i'm obligated to put a quarter in at the mere sight of such classics!

  22. This was one of my favorites along with Joust, Frogged, Galaga, Punch Out and Zelda…✌😜


  24. I remember in late January 2013 me and my parents went down to Missouri for the funeral of my (real) paternal grandfather (who I had never met in my life whatsoever), and we met up with my aunt (my father's stepsister) and my late uncle (my dad's brother who died in February 2019) at a restaurant. The restaurant had a little game room where it had some interesting games you'd see in an arcade, including an air hockey table and a Centipede arcade machine. So I played Centipede alone while at the restaurant, and then me and my aunt played Centipede to see who could get the high score. My aunt ended up whooping my butt at Centipede and got the best high score. 🙂

  25. And see you played this game right here for bragging rights. You played to have your name immortalized in the high score. You didn’t play for online fame or to be sponsored. You beat the high score you make sure that whoever was going to go for the high score and bump your name off you made sure that they earned that spotAs the top dog

  26. Tense moments toward the end. My parents quarters weren't safe with Centipede around.

  27. This was my dad's childhood


  29. My goodness! It's probably been almost 40 years since I've seen this game. If I'm not mistaken, the direction control featured a semi-recessed billiard cue ball in lieu of a joystick. I can remember some of the skilled players aggressively rolling that thing back and forth. Good times!

  30. Dang those falling fleas….or whatever they are. They always got me…..

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