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(Arcade) Asteroids

Shane McComas
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  1. I remember playing this original arcade version during the ‘80s. I got 1000 points for hitting the little space ship, and an extra ship for every 10,000 points. It was a quarter for every game which gave me 3 ships before “game over“. By 1986 I got so good at it, I had to abandon the arcade machine when the Clint Eastwood movie “Heartbreak Ridge” was ready to start at the theater. I had by then racked up a boatload of extra ships that I left for other theater goers to play with, who had all watched me in amazement (doing Clint Eastwood impressions) while blowing up asteroids and spaceships. Near as I can remember, it was years before they finally came out with a home version of “Asteroids” that was faithful to the arcade version.

  2. I went to North Carolina on vacation for spring break one time and this was on a arcade machine that was in the house that my family rented as well as asteroids deluxe

  3. I solved this game in 1980 and could play unlimited for a quarter.

  4. Quem veio pensando em todo mundo odeia o chris?

  5. When I was a kid, I'd play this at Tressider Union at Stanford. There was some European engineering student working there who would take a break from the bowling alley to play Asteroids. He was so good that he'd have 50 "extra ships" going across the top of the screen. I watched his playing style and practiced. I got so good that I simply "could not lose" other than needing to sleep. I wound up playing for about 3 1/2 hours straight on one quarter and then just quit. I think I had over 50 extra ships. 🙂

  6. I believe that the creators of among us were based on this game to do the task of the asteroids

  7. I can't believe we went from this to having Funny block man, Sepiriyath, A witch, and Mario in the same game.

  8. It was hell the first few times i've played this game. Later i was like captain Kirk flying the enterprice

  9. I remember making 1,000,000 points when I was a kid but had to pee, and with no pause button back then I had to make the sacrifice

  10. Without doubt one of the best reaction arcade games of all time, simple but mind blowing intense

  11. Jogo era bem ruinzin
    Mas estou aqui por causa de todo mundo odeia o Chris

  12. was hoping his top score initials were going to be "SEX".

  13. i remember playing this a lot on summer vacation at the local 7-11 store in 1979. The summer before in 1978 it was Space Invaders .

  14. I remember playing this when I was a kid it was amazing I loved it

  15. I remember when this game came out. I was 14 and one of the high scorers. Spent millions

  16. The way to play this game is to leave a piece of the smallest and slowest rock floating around and stay put wait at a corner for the little saucer to come out and shoot it down, by keeping the little rock so that the game doesn’t go to the next stage , where all the big rocks are all appear .

  17. Asteroids inspired SEGA to create a new game based off of this: Space Fury

  18. Did you all know that games like this were being suppressed by the American government in the beginning ? That's why it took until 1979 to have them available to the public . As soon as the government saw something that was fun , or made people happy , it was quickly canceled , pounded down , repressed , slammed down , thumbed down or in some way battled against and eventually ruined . Fuck that bad attitude .


  20. If the arcade game had a dial instead of two buttons for turning, I feel I could have dominated this game.

  21. Man when I was kid I pumped so many quarters into this machine the Owner had empty the bin multiple times a day!

  22. Watching this because I want to see the specific game that made my country the first bitch to ban video games just because there are low key idiots during 1970's

  23. I only played this if the other machines were being used…I was hopeless at this game 😆

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