Arcade '90s and 2000s Gratest Hits Top Games in 60 fps - 426 Arcade Coin-op Games from 1990 to 2009 -

Arcade ’90s and 2000s Gratest Hits Top Games in 60 fps – 426 Arcade Coin-op Games from 1990 to 2009

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A new personal and more complete Tribute to remember the awesome 1990s and 2000s arcade times!! The History of arcade videogames from 1990 to 2009, includes 426 best selling games of these years from “1941” to “The Bishi Bashi”!! Recorded in 1080p @ 60 fps!!!

Complete list of 426 games present in this clip:

Un nuovo tributo personale e molto più completo per ricordare i fantastici tempi passati in sala giochi con i grandi classici degli anni ’90 e 2000!!! La storia dei videogiochi arcade dal 1990 al 2009, inclusi 426 grandi titoli di quegli anni, da “1941” a “The Bishi Bashi”!!! Video registrato in 1080p a 60 fotogrammi al secondo!!!

Lista completa dei 426 giochi presenti in questa clip:

Songs in this video:

“Street Fighter 2 – Guile’s Theme (Treeboi&Kone Remix)” by Treeboi&Kone

“Puzzle Bobble (Gymmy J & Daniele Crocenzi Remix)” by Joseph Creatura

“Daytona USA – Let’s Go Away” by MovieMovies1

“777 Lucky Run (Daytona USA -King Of Speed- Remix)” by RoBKTA

“Sky High’14 (Daytona USA Remix) / Wrong Way Edit” by RoBKTA & Hajime Iwadate

“Dj Miller Tekken Sample” by Lee Miller

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  1. ItalianGuy videogame and arcade's channel says:

    Ok guys! 2020 was a f*cking shitty year for everybody. Most of you ask to me for a similar arcade video compilation with original game sound without custom background music… So… I will make It… with 500 games… or 1000… So… Stay tuned and f*ck Covid!

  2. So when sega and nintendo work together a master piece comes out, nice F-zero.

  3. is there any one single emulation platform/device that can play all of these? i understand gun games are hard to do, so maybe not including those, but id love to have all the other ones

  4. I forget sometimes how much better arcade games looked than their home console counterparts at the time. Man, the sprites were HUGE in some of these games.

  5. There are so many bad games here. Some really great ones though. Did I miss Uncle Fester's ???

  6. Hello Everyone, From Brazil!
    Nice Vídeo!

  7. Three wonders? Aaaahh memories. And a lot more

  8. no taiko no tatsujin? it's a great modernish arcade. Great compilation nonetheless

  9. I was almost 4 cause I was born on December 18 1986 but I do remember playing some

  10. Ohhh dear…. The first song made me tears in happy while watching this nostalgic game…. The melody hit me…. Really Miss the Good Old days…. Goodjob for this video 👍👍

  11. You can see where Sega dominated with some truly inspirational games

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