Arcade '70s and '80s Gratest Hits Top Games in 60 fps - 429 Arcade Coin-op Games from 1972 to 1989 -

Arcade ’70s and ’80s Gratest Hits Top Games in 60 fps – 429 Arcade Coin-op Games from 1972 to 1989

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A new personal and more complete Tribute to remember the awesome 1970s and 1980s arcade times!! The History of arcade videogames from 1972 to 1989, includes 429 best selling games of these years from “Pong” to “WWF Superstars”!! Recorded in 1080p @ 60 fps!!!

Complete list of 429 games present in this clip:

Un nuovo tributo personale e molto più completo per ricordare i fantastici tempi passati in sala giochi con i grandi classici degli anni ’70 e ’80!!! La storia dei videogiochi arcade dal 1972 al 1989, inclusi 429 grandi titoli di quegli anni, da “Pong” a “WWF Superstars”!!! Video registrato in 1080p a 60 fotogrammi al secondo!!!

Lista completa dei 429 giochi presenti in questa clip:

Songs in this video:

“Pac-Man (Original Mix)” by I-ENK

“Bubble Bobble [Edit for Defqon.1 Challenge]” by Bit Reactors

“The Gradius Anthem (DJ SEVEN Houstep Mix)” by DJ SEVEN (W87ES)

“After Burner (Club Mix Version 2)” by Eduardo Knuckles

“Space Harrier (Sega Ages) – Main Theme” by Kamek

“Magical Sound Shower (Side Order Remix)” by Side Order

“Medley – Last Wave / Stardust Speedway (Good Future)” by OSC

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  1. I didn't see a game similar to snow brothers, with a green hog with a staff fighting a boss like a Kali goddess…

  2. For about 30 years I’ve been trying to remember a game I played at Holiday Inn Newcastle in the late 1980’s, I finally found it here… ‘Up and Down’ by Sega. FINALLY. Thanks for this video bro!

  3. Got shinobi and rastan but forgot Black Tiger cmon son

  4. found my long last game I played as a kid. a lot of quarters went into Cabal. Thanks!!!

  5. Lots of memories. Funny that the only great Star Wars game was the first one. Some of these I didn't know. Some are missing like Sinistar, Frontline, Discs of Tron, Space Fury, Star Trek, Gorf, Reactor, Bezerk and Gravitar.

  6. Always hear the previous generation talk about how it was a better time back when they were growing up. Well, guess Im getting old, because days at the skating rink, bowling alley, and swimming pool during summer breaks was awesome. Everyone gave school kids free, or greatly reduced pricing, for summer activities that were positive, and kept most out of trouble. We rode our bicycles to the library in our swimming trunks, for a free movie, then to the bowling alley to play some video games with the $1 our parents gave us, and then off to the swimming pool where we might pull our remaining quarters and grab some nachos to share.

    The worst that we dealt with, at least related to other kids, was an occasional fist fight that ended within just a few punches and usually a bloody nose or black eye. Then it was over, and in many cases the two were back to being friends, or at least civil, within a day or so.

  7. Quante monete rubate ai genitori per andare a giocare? How many coins stolen to parents to go and play? 🤣 Grande!

  8. Like a time capsule for my memories! I was a teen when PONG first came out, and spent so much time playing these games. Despite that, I had forgotten all about them. Thank you for this video tribute. )

  9. Bonjour je recherche psychique 5 sur arcade il y avait un diable sur un trône en fond de graphiques les personnes pouvez ce changé dans une cabine téléphonique pouvez vous m'aider svp je voudrais tellement retrouvé ce jeux 😍😘🤪😇

  10. Dude, a video about arcades, without their classic sounds, is awfull

  11. I have been trying to find out the name of a fighting game for years. I know it was around prior to 1990, a circle would appear on your opponent (head/body) where you were supposed to strike, and two of the opponents I referred to as green boxer/red boxer due to their green/red shorts and gloves.

  12. mmmm it's kind of weir , i played RALLY X when i was a child but the name was BIG CHALLENGE.

  13. Remember that feeling you got when playing Street fighter 2 by yourself and some kid without
    asking just puts his quarter in the machine to challenge you?
    I miss that 12 year old exhilaration. 😆

  14. This video would have been great if the clips were three times as long and with the sound of the games in stead of this cheap ass track you got playing. Seriously, where did you get this crap? Did you hit DEMO on your Casio electric piano?

  15. im a gen z, i still play retro games on this current generation and im getting nostalgia from this games

  16. This video is one of the most rare and precious on youtube !

  17. when my dad used to take me and now i watch my son

  18. Back when it was about gameplay and an adrenaline rush to do better,not graphics and pay to win,thanks soooooo much for this,i found a most arcade games i?forgot the name for and ALOT that will be missed….im convinced my 80's era of gaming was the BEST STILL NEVER FINISHED NINJA GAIDEN…SMH

  19. The illuminati stop Japan from succeeding .They caused the giant earthquake.

  20. Thanks ! I managed to find the name of one of my favourites, Xevious !

  21. That was a great list but some of these like castlevania or alters beast were not considered arcade game at the time one of them not being published in NA especially shadow dancer

  22. I would love a version of this video with the video game sound effects instead of a soundtrack

  23. Robotron guy doesn't fire a single shot, so very against character 🙄

  24. Atari Hard Driving: eff you, gonna play at 16 fps anyway

  25. The video will be a legendary one indeed, if the music was removed and kept the games with its original sounds to play. That would bring the best outcome of it. Anyhow, billions of thanks for such a nostalgic time.

  26. Me emocionaste toda la tarde, encontré juegos que llevaba años pero años buscando ya que no me acordaba de los nombres y así poder jugar en mí celular… bien ganado el like 😀👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  27. Great vid,so many great memories flooding back,the 80's were great,Gary Numans pleasure principle in 1979,then the start of all these wonderful games a year later,life was great.

  28. Spending long hours in the arcade playing or watching others play was the ultimate fun. And being able to leave your initials on the records made it all worthwhile.

  29. 6:12 this song might be the worst thing I've ever heard in my entire life.

  30. In 1980, when I was 12, if someone told me, that I will play theese games at my home, in 30 – 35 years, I'll call him an idiot… But, there is MAME!!!

  31. Thanks for the Video. I remember most Games. Im 47 y and Player many Games with my Friends in the 80th at the 'play-hall'. What a great time. I played shinoby and kung fu master minimum 3 times a week. My first Game was scrabled

    Now 35 years later, im on VR and with Emuvr i play all the Games again. Thx

  32. I have most of these on my atgames arcade legends machine! even the laser disk games like MACH3 and Dragons layer!

  33. You should do a new version of this video but allowing the arcade audio instead of an essentially unrelated song playlist. It's probably too late to recommend a CRT filter like MAME's HSLS. Look how good a filter looks with the vector games.

  34. You did this WAAAY to fast. Spend a little time per game. Whats your big hurry?

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