Arcade 1Up Retro Budget Video Game Arcade Cabinets Toys Toy Fair 2018 Rampage -

Arcade 1Up Retro Budget Video Game Arcade Cabinets Toys Toy Fair 2018 Rampage

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Arcade 1Up Retro Budget Video Game Arcade Cabinets Toys Toy Fair 2018 Rampage

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  1. I was really tempted by the prospect of having an arcade perfect version of SSFII Turbo, but then I read I read their FAQ. Some answers bothered me and before you preorder, hear me out. 1. When asked what kind of LCD screen is in the arcade, their reply was "17" LCD Screen." No brand, response time, or any information at all. And their answer for if the cabinets will support CRTs? "No." 2. When asked about which board these arcades use, their response was "It is proprietary hardware, developed specifically for Arcade1Up." I'd bet an Arcade1Uptm that the games are running off either a Raspberry Pi or Linux box using a custom emulator. Likely with stolen code from another emulator. 3. All of the machines output in Mono. Fine for most games, but SSFII/Turbo use Q-Sound Amplified Stereo technology, which means it'll sound worse than the real deal or any arcade perfect home version. 4. On authenticity, Arcade1Up's response was "Very! We use authentic arcade joysticks, trackballs, buttons and sounds, which provides a true arcade tactile feel – plays exactly as you remember! All cabinet artwork and game play is licensor approved." I highly doubt the CPS2 games will sound authentic, but in addition, notice how they never mentioned the boards or gameplay. These answers are what stuck out to me, but their FAQ also has information that is just wrong. For example, one question asked was "Why does the Street Fighter II cabinet have only 4 games while the others have 5?" Street Fighter II contains 3 games while the others have 4. I realize this is a "budget" product, but you could get an X1/PS4, two decent arcade sticks, and the Street Fighter Collection for the same price. Or a preloaded Raspberry Pi/Linux machine and X-Arcade stick for way less. Not to mention the fact that the Riser* and Stool* are *sold separately. To me, this seems like a ripoff for anyone. The casual gamer has way better options. Because of how expensive each cabinet is, simplicity isn't even on their side. Xbox One/PS4 has less setup time, and the only difficult part to either is waiting for all of the online updates (which are optional). They could also overpay for a preloaded Raspberry Pi that's plug and play and still come out way ahead. I get the appeal of having a physical recreation of a cabinet in your home, but that alone is hard to justify the $400 price tag.

  2. I haven't seen the space invaders one on the website, is that a special edition???

  3. The street fighter one doesnt seem to have the ghosts n goblins, final fight and strider on it according to the walmart page where they are currently for preorder 🙁 This makes me sad

  4. Now the Street Fighter cabinet has these games instead. Street Fighter II Champion Edition, Street Fighter II The New Challengers, Street Fighter II turbo.

  5. Pre-ordered the Centipede cab 299$… It Now comes with games Centipede/Millipede/CrystalCastles/MissileCommand Track ball heaven!!! Cannot wait!!!!

  6. I like this things but not prices

  7. According to the company, the Defender game never actually had Qbert. they only put that on the graphics.

  8. dude i want those new glow shades man lol where can i get one!!?

  9. Apparently, that Street Fighter cabinet does not come with all those games (Final Fight, Ghost n Goblins etc) as they are on another Cabinet. You just get 4 different types of Street Fighter 2 versions, which is a shame.

  10. If you've played a real centipede cabinet and then played an emulated centipede game, even with a trackball, you'll know that the emulation has to be tailored to the track ball perfectly to feel good at all. The video looked jittery much like the emulation I've seen before. If it could be worked out I'm 100% in.

  11. Hold on a sec!!..that's a different street fighter cabinet to the one on pre order???..on the bottom of that it says it has final fight to! So wtf is going on??licence problem?

  12. Are these in America, cuzz I seen a street fighter 2 version here that has bullshit games. I want this version so bad, strider with sf2, id pay 500

  13. I wonder how they did the Asteroid rom, that game requires a vector screen. Does anyone know

  14. I wonder if stores like Walmart will have these on display.

  15. Just ordered 2 machines and 4 risers from Walmart. Getting Galaga and Rampage. The extra 2 risers are for when they finally release Final Fight in the Spring and the rumored Konami beat em up machine or possibly the rumored Sega machine…
    My small kids will love something they can just jump right into and I can play with them with something I actually enjoy doing as well.

  16. Went to order asteroids because of qbert. And it's not on there

  17. The killer is the LCD screens. They don't look high enough quality. I see light leakage around the edges. Also where are the scanlines? This is a fantastic idea but they cut corners in areas they really shouldn't have imo.

  18. Strido?? Also is that revision of cabinet still coming out? Or was it changed to be 3 different street fighter II games?

  19. Are these for adults? how are 3 people gonna fit playing gauntlet?

  20. Now lets hope they will come out with a VECTOR GRAPHICS edition arcade cabinet, with Star Wars arcade 1983 / Empire strikes back complete with a fonctionnal YOKE !! OK i know what youre saying, this ain't gonna happen. But we can always dream about it can we ??

  21. The top and control boards of the machine do not light up? Cheap.

  22. Q-Bert? Why didn't they keep Q-Bert? Hopefully it will be mixed in Series 2 somewhere.

  23. dont waste your money, you can get the same thing with 100 games in it for the same price!

  24. I need to see a full on review of the Capcom classic, Strido!!

  25. I wish they would release a cabinet with Robotron and Smash TV

  26. Why don't they have ZAXXON?? Because of the 3D effects it would be great for VR!!

  27. These are NOT budget machines at a heavy price of $400 each.

  28. I bought one of these at Khols for $350 before tax. I wouldn't have been able to buy it if I hadn't had a Kohl's credit card. It's a deluxe model. It has 12 arcade games and I uploaded a video on Youtube that shows all 12 games. Because it was the deluxe model, it included the riser for free and my cabinet stands 1 foot taller. You said that the riser would be $100 extra. If that's true, it's pretty stupid. There is no way in hell that it would be worth $100. If it costs $100 extra, nobody will buy it.

  29. The Street fighter II unit that my friend bought didn't have Final Fight on it. I kind of wished it did. But it has all the other versions of Street fighter 2 which is cool

  30. CHRIS BORAT! where can i find that rare street fighter cab with the yellow molding???.. it has to be out there!!

  31. Any plans on doing anymore ghost videos? Loved those.

  32. Sur la compétence, on a à la fois tout dit et on ne sait toujours pas grand-chose sur ce sujet, du moins quant à sa réalité cognitive. D’un côté, des sciences, et particulièrement les cognitives qui en ont fait un objet central mais qui, lorsqu’elles travaillent de façon expérimentale, travaillent sur des aspects très circonscrits et forcément limités, et il y a fort à parier qu’avant qu’elles nous disent des choses incontournables sur le fonctionnement de l’esprit humain, il coulera de l’eau sous les ponts. De l’autre, une pratique qui va de l’avant, qui invente, innove et utilise des concepts à des fins opératoires, et dont l’évolution va à la fois plus vite et moins vite que la pensée.

  33. I got one of The Galaga cabinets back in Christmas. I was a little disappointed that it was just a rom of the NES port. But I still have fun with it.

  34. Great video as always. Serious question: Isn't it exhausting to look through these dazzling neon glasses?

  35. They need to make a Human Centipede arcade game

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