ARCADE 1UP Marvel Superheroes 2 Player Countercade. REVIEW! Retro Video Games. -

ARCADE 1UP Marvel Superheroes 2 Player Countercade. REVIEW! Retro Video Games.

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It’s Here!!! I just received the New Marvel Superheroes Countercade.


  1. Shouldn’t it include Marvel Superheroes Vs Street Fighter instead?

  2. I got to thinking having set these up now. The width of the control panel on these is 16.5”. The width of a 2p 3/4 cab is 18.75”. The bat tops are 9” edge to edge on the counter unit and 10” on my 3/4 Street Fighter cab. These really don’t save that much footprint space… I mean these are a lot easier to pick up and move and store, but they don’t save a ton of space if you plan to leave them out. In my case the ability to put them on a rolling table and move them to get into the closet behind them is the big advantage over a full size cab, but otherwise I could have fit the full size cabs in the same spot. I kinda wonder if there is room for Arcade1up to make iiRcarde/MVSX style bar top cabs instead of these. You could literally just push the sides out and make it a few inches taller to get a 15” lcd in without having to make the table foot print any bigger. Kinda wish I was more “crafty” in terms of trying that mod.

  3. Having gotten mine, I don’t really have a big issue with the speaker placement. It’s plenty loud enough to be heard even if it’s firing down. Inefficient maybe, but certainly not like it’s too quiet to hear.

  4. I would have preferred a cheaper one player cab with a wider control panel. Playing one player with the offset screen is a little annoying. guess i can get used to it. a 2nd player can still plugin via usb.

  5. I just got mine. Totally worth it. Gona buy tmnt countercade next week!

  6. Love this! I need one of these in my life! I play on a modded 3/4 size with a riser, check me out if you get bored ::wink wink::

  7. sir, i'm gonna need for you to remove the protective film on the deck. It's oddly a thing people forget to remove and wonder why it looks so cloudy/pale 😄

  8. Is this worth buying debating of getting a couple

  9. Please let me know if there was anything I missed or if you have any questions. I do respond to all my comments. Thanks for watching!👍

  10. Can two ppl play on it without like squishing into each other?

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