After Burner Deluxe Video Tour -

After Burner Deluxe Video Tour

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Video tour of the After Burner Deluxe cockpit-style arcade cabinet, released by Sega in 1987.


  1. Awesome cabinet but I never much liked the the game.

  2. Sweet Jesus, i used to dream of owning one of these when I was a kid. Crazy to think there are people who area actually living the dream now.

  3. Amazing even by today's standards…this one was always one of my favorite games, it used to cost 1 dollar a play back in 94!!!… and it was so worth it🤯

  4. John Conner (Edward furlong) brought me here

  5. I played it in early 90s in the local arcade. It was really loud and the screen was really bright since you were sitting very close to it. It was quite over-whelming initially but it is an iconic arcade machine.

  6. At the end where you play it, I became 14 again. Thank you!

  7. Hey buddy i just bought one of these im having a small issue , when i get to the reload refule stages the hydrolics stop working, restart and everything is fine any idea what the issue is ?

  8. When I was in tech school for the Air National Guard, the BX had a mini-arcade and this huge sucker actually sat outside the arcade. There was nothing like putting on your Battle Dress Uniform, polishing your boots, and playing After Burner – or watching my friends play. At some point it was replaced with G-Loc, but After Burner have my fondest memories.

  9. The last game John Conner ever played •́ •́ ‿ ,•̀

  10. I remember i was pretty good at this game,once I got use to the moving cockpit.Even when people sucked at this game,they would waste their money on it,just because of the experience,especially if u under the influence of something,it was even more badass.One could easily spend $20.00 playing.That was a lot of money to spend playing a arcade game back then.

  11. Man this arcade rocks, played it many times as a kid loved it, thank you for making this video

  12. Its amazing how close the mega drive version is!

  13. The After Burner deluxe arcade cabinet was shown in T2 where John Conner played 'til the T-1000 showed up

  14. Owning one of these is my only motivation for getting rich.

  15. When I was a kid and went to the arcade I could only have one go on this as it was expensive… I thought one day, when i grow up i can plays arcades all I want….. but then they all died and went away……

  16. I played this game for so long my hand was stuck and had to pry my fingers off the controller.

  17. so dope, playing this after eating a new york style pizza with dad at age 5 was the shiiiiiittttt!!!

  18. This was a treat. Thank you very much for uploading.

  19. This actually helps with military grade sims of planes

  20. This game made me feel like a fighter pilot when I was little

  21. John! Hey there's this cop scoping for you!

  22. Thank you so much for such a detailed review and showing the motors! This is the way to make an arcade review!

  23. My mom brought me to an arcade area wayyy back. I remember this and playing in it

  24. I loved Afterburner….would love to buy one restored, but have no idea where to even start

  25. Used to play this at Boardwalk and Baseball in Haines City, FL as a kid in the late 80s. If blow most of my allowance playing this and regret nothing.

  26. One of the greatest arcade experiences you can have. Playing this in the 80’s was even more amazing because of how far ahead it was of everything you could own and play at home. You’d play this and then go home to Top Gun on the NES. Then you’d wish you were rich.

  27. I never oltrepassed the first stage 😅 too Much Money spend in this game

  28. back then there was always somebody in that console, with a bunch of people in line, all day.

  29. この筐体日本に有ったらやりたい

  30. What a beauty. Just to have it to look at would be enough to relive all your T2 and nostalgia memories 💓

  31. Only one question… Where……. they…….. At?!?!? No sorry, wrong film… How much?!?!?

  32. ”Project of the Myth” by Frey-Yngvi says:

    I played this game at the age of a primary schoolchild well in old days, too.(1989~) As it was installed in the area of videogame of Seibuyuenchi in 1989, I played meny this game with a friend.

  33. Can you imgaine if someon updated this to be vr

  34. AMAZING!! Love the video! If i had played this as a kid in the 90's my mind would have imploded. I only got to play Thunder Blade and talked about it for YEARS to all my friends!!

  35. The buzz of this thing was insane when it came out the music the motion WOW 🤩

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