Add Your Own Games to AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet -

Add Your Own Games to AtGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet

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This video is going to show you guys exactly how to add your own games to the atGames Legends Ultimate Arcade Cabinet using the released add-on tool kit. The process is very easy and only takes a few minutes per game.

As it stands there is batch upload process, and each title needs to be uploaded one at a time.

Currently there is support for Arcade, Final Burn Alpha, SNES, NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Genesis/Megadrive, Master System, Sega CD, Sega 32X and lots more coming right around the corner.

Links Below:

Add-on Tool:

Working Cores:

Thumbnail Packages:

WinRAR download:

JPEG to PNG Converter:

PNG Re-sizer:

**NOTE: You can convert JPEG to PNG and Re-Size just as easily in MS Paint.

Music Credit:

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  1. i followed you perfectly till you got to roms, did i miss how to do that in the viedeo?

  2. Arcadenet registration is a nightmare. Getting fraud error, tried multiple emails until final one worked but they never emailed registration confirmation/code. Yes I checked junk folder. No email back from Arcadenet support. Ready to smash my atgames arcade to pieces

  3. Is it possible, with the right Core (and maybe a needed bios?) to run N64 games on the Legends Ultimate?

  4. Followed all these steps. When I plug in the USB to the Cabinet, the "AddOn" option doesn't show up on the left menu. The USB icon shows in the upper right of the cabinet so the USB is recognized, but none of my games show up. What's wrong?

  5. Where do we find a core for the Final Burn games?

  6. Great video, thanks for walking through all this. I’ll be getting the ALU Mini 3/4 cab and very excited for it. I know this is a dumb question, but is there anyway to do this process with a MacBook Air instead of PC? I assume there isn’t but figured I’d ask…

  7. Does anyone know of an intelevision emulator that works on ALU?

  8. I'm having a problem playing some older Mame Roms, Tempest, Battle Zone, Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe. Tried the 2003 and 2010 Cores, no luck. Any tips?

  9. So you have to add these ROMs one by one? Is there any way to do all of this in bulk?

  10. From where I can download the ROM files?

  11. My usb slot doesn’t read the usb stick? Also when I switched to another usb stick, it locks up the control deck and the buttons and controls are stuck until I remove the usb stick? Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

  12. Is this video still a valid/preferred way to add new games to ALU? Seems like it might be outdated, but it's definitely the easiest to follow video I've found. I've never done this type of thing before, so I'm a bit lost as to the best place to start.

  13. Is it possible to upload super smash melee into it ?

  14. Great tutorial and thank you!
    i just have one problem.
    What to i do wrong becouse when i put the usb stick there is no addon showing on menu? My coinops and everything works well but i cant add my another games.

  15. Can you add games the same way you do with the cabinet?

  16. April 15 2021
    I just got my new Legends Ultimate arcade. but i am having a problem with the downLoads shown here.
    I want to load my old CD games to USB. mostly Pinballs games. why don't I see the downloads that are shown in the great video.

  17. how ez is it to throw a pc into that cabinet?

  18. Any tips on how to find out which core is best for a given game without having to try every single emulator?

  19. Hey! The Dropbox folder says it has been deleted. Do you have another core folder that is available? Thanks!

  20. i will be attempting to add mario party to this wish me luck

  21. Would you be willing to share your uce add on files with me so I don't have to make them myself? I'm really lazy

  22. will this work for the AtGames Legends pro?

  23. Is there another area to get working cores, the dropbox link says file deleted. Any help would be much appreciated.

  24. Link of working cores is broken. Did someone have another link?

  25. Would you able sell preloads games on usb? I’m hopeless with computers!

  26. Is there another link to the working and tested cores? The dropbox one is now dead… If anyone could reply with a link I am sure it will help a lot of people! Thanks guys!

  27. Wow, you said this was for the novice and you would show step by step. I didn't understand a word you said. I don't see any links below either. Is this a paid subscription? Are the games free? If so, that seems odd as nothing is free anymore. Regardless, you lost me quickly and I'm bummed. I got the Legends Ultimate and all I want to do is add Galaga and Pacman and can't seem to find a simple solution. Maybe it's easier to just buy the damn game and have 2. SMH. 🙁

  28. Hi there, I know it should being the ssme system, but just in case, does this also work for the controllers-only systems they have? (Gamer Pro and Gamer Mini)

  29. Anyone have an updated working cores link?

  30. there is a problem with the Core lin in Dropbox for the working cores…. I need them to finish the adding the games/roms to my atgames legends ultimate

  31. Great post and thank you for all the info! One question I have is knowing which core is best for which game. Is there some where I can find that information or someway to know based on the game ROM?

  32. What size usb flash drives would you recommend? Should i use more than 1 usb memory drive?

  33. Can you put these on a flash drive using a chromebook??

  34. I just purchased the AtGames Legends Gamer Mini Console do you and your own games the same way?

  35. Only issue i'm having is getting the playstaton roms with multiple files to play. I'm leaving them in a zipped folder, do i have to convert them into a single file?

  36. Uggh, I have ALL Atari 2600, NES, SNES, Sega Master System and N64 games… Like F I'm doing this for each one -_-

  37. how do you do it with a mac computer?
    please help

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