Action Figure Prop Shop #8: Mini Arcade Cabinets -

Action Figure Prop Shop #8: Mini Arcade Cabinets

Punker Mike
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AFPS # 8: Miniature Arcade Machine Cabinets for your Action Figures. DIY Tutorial on how to make Mini Arcade Machines for your Action Figures. Perfect for ACBA, Toy/ Action Figure Photography, Displays, Stop Motions, etc. Enjoy!!!

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  1. This was recommended 3 years later. Thanks YT! These are fantastic!

  2. I have been wanting to do a stop motion animation that takes place in an arcade and been looking on how to make arcade cabinets and this is THE ONLY VIDEO I found that actually went for the look I was looking for, thank you and when I finally make it I will definitely give you a shout out. Thank you so so much

  3. The other option is to pay 20quid for a working mini arcade that's perfectly scaled

  4. Have you considered putting an old cell phone inside the unit? Then have the USB power out the back. That way you can do a video loop of the game demo on the unit's screen. I have 3 old phones sitting around. I might try that.

  5. Push Pins!!! Of course! Great vid as always!

  6. AK-47Mr.408MiniPiT AaronMiniPiTKnapp says:

    How about WWE Legands Arcade or Terminator Arcade game how about pinball machine and skiddle ball ✌😎

  7. Could you possibly add what you used in the video to the description and what dimensions you used for each piece?

  8. Nice 👍! Very talented!

  9. I made one out of poster board and popsicle sticks, and painted it black. I made it so I could open up the top and slide my phone in for the screen. I put others playing games on YouTube on the screen. Bam, non playable, universal arcade. This video definitely helped. Thank you.

  10. How much would u charge to make me two of them? 😎

  11. Really nice work. Just one tiny thing, no criticism at all, but what about a tiny silver round doo-dat for the lock on the coin door? You thought of every other detail. Great work. Subscibed.

  12. Those are really cool! I’m just wondering has your business of selling them suffered since Walmart started selling all those little working mini arcade games? Obviously yours are more to scale…

  13. These are sick mate look cool as hell 👌

  14. These arcade Machaine’s you make are sick mate. Amazing detail. You should sell them 👍👍👍

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