Action Figure Prop Shop #8: Mini Arcade Cabinets -

Action Figure Prop Shop #8: Mini Arcade Cabinets

Punker Mike
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AFPS # 8: Miniature Arcade Machine Cabinets for your Action Figures. DIY Tutorial on how to make Mini Arcade Machines for your Action Figures. Perfect for ACBA, Toy/ Action Figure Photography, Displays, Stop Motions, etc. Enjoy!!!

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  1. You could articulate the joysticks with some gundam joints.

  2. Siiiiiick, especially that X-Men cabinet with the magnet idea. Crazy work here man, love it!

  3. you do know they sell them right? they even sell some that the game actually works

  4. What are using for joysticks?  What are the dimensions/measurements for each piece you're using?  Gladly give you a shout.  Would love to see the old fashioned tv you made – I've seen it in 2 videos with different pics. Are those 2 different TV's or can you change images?

  5. Feb. 2018–Thought this would be a useful how to video, but you lost my interest when you came to the decal part for the machine. I've Googled arcade images and get nothing but photos of the machines….no full front or full side views that I could copy/made decals of. And no, I don't have photo shop either. Would of been nice of saying where you imported the images from. While no thumbs down, no thumbs up either.

  6. Would you be interested in selling a couple of these made and assembled by you?

  7. These are little works of art man! AWESOME!

  8. Is it possible to make one of these for a 3:3/4 and 1:18 scale?

  9. Dude I'm your fan, I'm Brazilian and I always post your videos here. very good Congratulations. Could you divulge the measurements of this arcade or make the casts available for download? A big hug friend.

  10. please i need stickers TMNT Arcade

  11. Saludos las arcades haces para vender porque quiero una

  12. awesome! good job…the only thing i miss is a clear plastic layer over the screen to make it look more like glass

  13. Brilliant work man, I made a miniature arcade machine randomly as a kid out of cardboard one time – I wish I still had it. This brought back memories of that and totally took it to the next level. Awesome stuff. One question though.. How did you cut out the stickers so well after you put the arcade together? Just traced?

  14. wanna switch businesses lol you can tattoo and I can build dios….awesome channel great dioramas!!

  15. where do you get the templates for the graphics? I'm hoping to do this project soon just got my '16 Sdcc TMNT and think it'll look cool together

  16. What are the dimensions? Without them it's useless.

  17. Im gonna make it into this modelism/dioramas hobbie and your props are awesome

  18. Big questioned I wasnt able to find was what are the measurements for the arcade cabinet?

  19. I just buy those mini arcade games you can get at Walmart. They're a little on the small side, so I just build a bottom onto it so that it's raised up to the right scale. I want to try and make a 1/12 scale semi-functional pinball machine. I've seen other people make them, but those don't function at all. I'd at least like to take it a step further and add some functionality. As far as that functionality goes it'll probably only amount to being able to pull the plunger back and shoot the ball into the machine. I've been looking at those little cheap kiddie toys that function in a similar way to a pinball machine. The ones where you pull the little plunger back and shoot these little balls onto certain racks with different points assigned to them. They're cheap crap, but they're what first gave me the idea. Trying to make the wings functional is probably beyond my capabilities, but I've still got some ideas. It will obviously never function fully, but I need something a little closer to the real thing. I'm even going to add lights. I just have to get all the parts assembled. Trying to make one based on an actual pinball machine would be cool, but it would just be way too hard trying to match every little detail, so I'll probably just use that as a starting base, and then create my own thing. It'll be really hard because of all the small pieces, but I think I can find a way.

  20. These arcade cabinets are awesome….you got some skill bro….keep upnthe good work….all your work is a big inspiration to me 🙋🏿‍♂️👍🏿👏🏿✊🏿

  21. Absolutely studying your video. But mine will be for fun. Thank you for the tutorial

  22. These arcade Machaine’s you make are sick mate. Amazing detail. You should sell them 👍👍👍

  23. These are sick mate look cool as hell 👌

  24. Those are really cool! I’m just wondering has your business of selling them suffered since Walmart started selling all those little working mini arcade games? Obviously yours are more to scale…

  25. Really nice work. Just one tiny thing, no criticism at all, but what about a tiny silver round doo-dat for the lock on the coin door? You thought of every other detail. Great work. Subscibed.

  26. How much would u charge to make me two of them? 😎

  27. I made one out of poster board and popsicle sticks, and painted it black. I made it so I could open up the top and slide my phone in for the screen. I put others playing games on YouTube on the screen. Bam, non playable, universal arcade. This video definitely helped. Thank you.

  28. Nice 👍! Very talented!

  29. Could you possibly add what you used in the video to the description and what dimensions you used for each piece?

  30. AK-47Mr.408MiniPiT AaronMiniPiTKnapp says:

    How about WWE Legands Arcade or Terminator Arcade game how about pinball machine and skiddle ball ✌😎

  31. Push Pins!!! Of course! Great vid as always!

  32. Have you considered putting an old cell phone inside the unit? Then have the USB power out the back. That way you can do a video loop of the game demo on the unit's screen. I have 3 old phones sitting around. I might try that.

  33. The other option is to pay 20quid for a working mini arcade that's perfectly scaled

  34. I have been wanting to do a stop motion animation that takes place in an arcade and been looking on how to make arcade cabinets and this is THE ONLY VIDEO I found that actually went for the look I was looking for, thank you and when I finally make it I will definitely give you a shout out. Thank you so so much

  35. This was recommended 3 years later. Thanks YT! These are fantastic!

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