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A *NEW* Sega Genesis Game for Retro Handhelds

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Nearly 33 years after the Sega Genesis first launched, we have a new game to try out! Demons of Asteborg released last month and can easily work in your favorite retro handheld. If your device can run Genesis games (and the Picodrive emulator), it’ll likely run this game, too.

Find it on Steam:
Main page (for the demo):
Written guide:

Note that the video shows ArkOS installation instructions; for 351ELEC or EmuELEC instructions, check out my written guide.

00:00 introduction
01:19 purchasing Demons of Asteborg
02:30 installing the game
03:24 setup and tweaks for Picodrive
04:36 gameplay and other devices
05:49 summary and conclusion

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Intro theme song sampled from “Hexadecimal Genome” by Bit Shifter:

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  1. Please where or which site can I download all new games and old ones I mine ?

  2. P. S…. None of my buttons or sticks work after this message and I am forced to hard reset or turn power off.

  3. Russ please help!… I have the RG351P with stock SD card and stock O.S…. When I try to load up a game it will load but I get a message saying "Generic Parralel Port device (0/0) not configured"… Any fix for this? Or do I just need a new SD card?

  4. So… Dumb Question: Does this mean that the Demons of Asteborg game on steam is basically just an emulator? And, if so, can you take one of your other genesis roms, rename it to "rom.bin", swap it into the DoA game directory, launch DoA from Steam, and it play Vectorman or something of the sort? There is no reason you would ever seriously want to do that instead running retroarch or some other emulator on your PC, but it just has me curious.

  5. If you haven’t already can you make a video for the Sony PSP?

  6. I really appreciate that there are people making games for retro consoles. I’ve often seen kickstarters for these and love that these games are being offered as physical copies as well as downloadable roms for emulation. I hope to hear more about these. I would also like to know if there are any stores specialize in these new retro game roms for purchase.

  7. If you're interested in some more modern Sega Genesis games check out Xeno Crisis, Tanzer, and Ultracore.

  8. Hmm, tempted to buy it in steam, if for no other reason then to always have it when I want it, but buying the rom directly from the developer supports them more.

  9. Cheers Russ, very cool, hope it's a success and they can do some more.

  10. Great video thanks Russ! I definitely recommend checking out a new-ish NES game (2019 if memory serves) it's called "MicroMages" I absolutely loved it and was unable to put it down. It's up to 4 players so it should be playable over Wi-fi for 2. players.

  11. Giving this a try. Might get it on Switch if it goes on sale

  12. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I am so stoked to play this on my RP2.

  13. For those thinking you might go online and find a pirated version of this game, I tried and didn't find anything except the demo. Please support the developer and purchase the stand alone rom or purchase on Steam. Thanks.

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