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80s Classic Video Games Music – ✭ Ultimate Early 80s Arcade Tribute | pt. 1

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Video games have been around for a long time, but the 80’s is really where it started.
It’s the classic games of the 80s that always have the best music. Here’s a trip down memory lane with the best of them all. Whether or not you believe video games qualify as art, these video game soundtracks should convince you that video game scores most certainly do.


01. Pac-Man
02. Tetris
03. Super Mario Bros.
04. Dr. Mario
05. Castlevania
06. Bubbler
07. Donkey Kong
08. Mega Man
09. Pingo
10. Fire ‘n Ice


  1. I had butterflies in my stomach when i heard Pac-Man and Mario"s theme

    I typed that to the beat of the music

  3. you young kids and your 4k virtual reality nonsense!, in my day we only had the good old pixels and hours of standing up in front of the monitor, ah, those were the days……sigh

  4. Can we all appreciate Japan helped entertain the world.

  5. Check the desc for the names of the songs! 😀 also thank you I’m gonna use these!!

  6. Mario and Pac-Man in the same place! 😀 TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS.

  7. What was the name of the game where you had to move a line from one side of the screen to the next to help reveal a picture. There was an alien type thing that if he hit your line midway you died. If you could reveal 80% of the picture you passed the level. Pictures I can remember were a creepy castle in one level and a toy box in another.

  8. Ah pero suena muy muy chota la música! Pésima la calidad sonora! para eso me la imagino yo mismo… turu tu tururu!

  9. What kind of screwes up history did you learn where tetris was EARLY 80s?

  10. music from tetris is like Katjusha from Red Army of soviet union.

  11. At least SOME people appreciate the classics.

  12. Not bad, but too remixed for me. I do appreciate the effort though.

  13. Can u send me all these to my email ///pluggbeatz1600@gmail.com
    Im gonna try to make beats out of them

  14. If youre gonna do it right. Do so. Don't destroy it please.

  15. Thank you for this I’m enjoying it 😁

  16. Love this…Today's episode on my podcast we will be talking about our favorite arcade games…live at 7:30am on Have Faith Let it Begin. This channel inspired me to do this episode so that thank you. I will give you a shout out

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